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Friday Poll

Ok, so in my last post, I mentioned that I got some brand-new Converse for all of ten bucks, normally fifty. Yeeeaaahh! And since Maternal Mirth asked so prettily, here is a picture. Oh yes, and I got them at Dillard's in Arizona, which is why I was lamenting the fact that there is no Dillard's here in SoCal. The pink is a little off in this pic, but they are adorable and will go with many things in my closet. And hey, if you don't think they are adorable, then I don't want to hear it, ok? They were ten bucks, what do you want? Anyhoo, what was your latest and greatest bargain? Or even your greatest bargain of all time?

Questions, but Few Answers...

See how incoherent I get when I even think about George W.? I got all verklempt up there, and I would apologize, but until we get a new president, I don't think I have it in me. Anyhoo, moving on and lowering the blood pressure... Here is my current life, in questions: Why is my son scared of the dark again? Will you do me a favor and go to J's blog and give her and her mom some support after her mother's bypass surgery? Why are incompetent people always in charge? Why is my car always so filled with papers? Why is Ben Bernanke going to lower interest rates and cause stagflation? Who is he trying to protect? Did you know I bought a pair of awesome Converse sneakers for myself for ten bucks? And why can't we have a Dillards here in SoCal? Why do birthday parties seem to always come in bunches? Why is it that I can never manage to do my nails without some sort of smudge? Why did it take me so long to realize that doing my nails in a lighter color would minimize the lo


Where is the outrage ? Technical glitch my ass. If that was a technical glitch, then I am indeed Glinda the Good Witch, and where the hell is my bubble? I don't know why people are sitting by so idly as their rights are being eroded, one by one. There should be rioting and marching in the streets. Instead, everyone is on their PlayStation, on their computers, or watching American Idol. We are getting the government our apathy has given us. And that is so sad. I have tried so hard to keep my mouth shut, since this is not a political blog. But lately, it is getting harder and harder not to want to slug the man every time I see him speaking. Yeah, FBI, come on and get me. You may laugh, but people have been investigated for less. Can I just say right now that George W. Bush is the Worst.President.Ever to disgrace the White House? Can I just say that I never voted for the man, and it won't be too soon before he leaves with his tail in between his legs. I don't know how l

Keeping People in the Dark

I have this theory, and tell me what you think about it. My theory that people don't like bloggers who don't post pictures of themselves and their families as much as those that do. I'm not saying that those that don't are shunned or made to sit in the corner. But I've noticed that a lot of the most popular bloggers are the ones that really put themselves out there. And to some degree, I can understand that. I mean, it is human nature to want to connect with people, and how can you do that with someone who is faceless to you? And that is fine with me, I am not trying to criticize. It just isn't my cup of tea. I mean, even newspaper writers are doing it now, awkward photos above online bylines. But really, does it make a difference? I actually sort of value my anonymity. And I certainly value the anonymity of my child. There are some major whackjobs out there, and even though they don't constitute the majority, they are scary enough to make me never

Music Monday

As I sat there last night, feeling sorry for myself and throwing tiny little spit balls at George Clooney's bobblehead girlfriend, I forgot all about Music Monday. Oh yeah, and Mr. P has a fever as well, for like the bazillionth time in the past six months. Poor little guy, though. So after the Awards, in which I warned George that his girlie was a curse, I got to thinking about movies and songs, because what goes better with this topic than the day after the Oscars? I have for your viewing pleasure not one but two videos. Enjoy the largesse while you can, I'm in a generous mood today. The first is from the movie Billy Elliot, and if you haven't already seen it RENT IT NOW. Love this song. Aaaand, one of my favorite movies that my dad and I can watch over and over. Caddyshack is a classic.

Friday Poll

Today after getting the mail, I set it on the trunk of my car, as I was watching Mr. P ride his Razr scooter down the street. I forgot that I left it there, and was rushing to tee ball practice when I noticed a huge pile of papers floating in the air behind my car. Shit! Luckily a kind neighbor had gathered up the more important pieces for me, and so no one was able to open my credit card bill and charge up thousands of dollars. Whew! So, what was your most recent scatterbrained moment? And does it top mine? Cuz mine's a doozy.

Pointless Points Trivia

Well, seeing as how I have gotten none-too-subtle hints from people about the lack of Pointless Points Trivia lately, here you go! Welcome to the Gina is Tired Edition of Pointless Points Trivia, where the points don't matter! That's right, just like Hillary's attempts to gain enough delegates, they just don't matter! Your question for today is: Tornadoes are born from severe thunderstorms. In the U.S., which direction do these storms travel?

I Said No Gift and I Meant it!

I instructed Hubba-hubba to not get me anything for Valentine's Day. I find that particular "holiday" to be artificial and annoying. So when I got home from my weekend away, I was surprised to find a box waiting for me on the kitchen counter. I took one look at it and began swearing. Listen, the dude knows that See's Chocolate, specifically the "Nuts and Chews" selection, is like crack to me. I cannot resist it. Because if it's good enough for Warren Buffett, it's more than good enough for me. Therefore, none is kept in the house. You don't even want to know how many I've already eaten. And even sadder? I accidentally smeared some on my pajama shirt and I have been sniffing it for the past ten minutes or so. Pathetic, I know. Is there a 12-step out there for this type of thing?

Music, Er, Tuesday

Yes, well, having been in Arizona and totally missing Monday, I am doing the music thing for Tuesday. Because it's my blog, so there! And I'm tired and I had to spend seven hours in the car with my mother today. So I deserve some slacking off! Actually I think I deserve some sort of medal for not strangling her, but that's an entirely different story altogether. I have mentioned before my love of all things Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo . I think it is because I am a Southern Californian, and their annual Halloween concerts were crazy fun with a capital K. Yeah, remember, the mother in the car thing, ok? Slack, I get some slack. The energy at their concerts was out of this world, and I have seen them in concert probably about ten times. Anyway, I love Danny Elfman in a way that is pure and true, not a jump his bones type of way. Sort of like I should erect some sort of shrine to him in my entryway and burn candles there, along with placing small tokens of my affect

Friday Poll

Which do you use: bar soap, shower gel, or body wash?

I Got Your Recipe Right Here, Baby

You may not know it, but I am a pretty damn good cook. A better baker, but a good cook nonetheless. Although since the Munchkin was born, the cooking sort of got a bit lost, due to my hypothyroidism and the inability to muster a whole lot of energy to stand and cook a meal. Yes, it was that bad. No, I don't know why I didn't go to the doctor sooner. Stupid life moves, the kind you look back at and smack your forehead with a big "D'oh!" aside, I have regained my enthusiasm for cooking as my thyroid levels have gotten back to normal. And the lovely, beautiful Ana , who just had one of the most chubbalicious, delicious-cheeked babies evah, is having a recipe swap. Head over there for more recipes! Since she is a talented, thoughtful writer and overall fabulous person, I am in! The Munchkin and his preference for starches over all else has made cooking a dinner that every person will eat a tricky proposition. But with this recipe, which I also highly recommend bro

Vacation Time! Sort of...

On Friday Mr. P and I are packing it up and going on vacation. Yes, we will be sitting in the car, with my parents, for six whole hours! Can you feel my excitment? Hubba-hubba doesn't get to go because he has a "training" for "work" that he is "required" to attend. Probably a golf tournament or something. Actually, they always take his side in a fight, so I'm not sure what the problem is. But anyhoo, I am stoked because I got Mr. P a new suitcase. It was marked down to $29.99 from $80.00! Who says I don't know a deal when I see one? Nobody, baby, that's who. His old one was so tiny, it didn't even fit a weekend's worth of clothing. This one, this one will grow with him into old age, if it doesn't fall apart first. It's pretty big. The only drawback to it is that we are going to have to wait seven years before he can lug it around himself. And, have you been to these fabulous blogs lately? If not, go to them, becau

Sorry Guys

This one isn't for you. Unless of course, you have a wife, friend, mom, or relative who is a woman. Then you can stay. Have I told you before about She Speaks ? Dude, I have two words for you: Free Stuff! Yes, they send you free stuff! Nice stuff! And all you have to do is sign up, give them some information about your likes and dislikes and voila! They will use that information to decide which product to send to you for absolutely nothing. No shipping charges, no taxes, nada. Well, there is a catch. They ask you to review the product. Uh, yeah, with this internet-addicted group we've got here, I don't think that's gonna be a problem. You're not shy, either. Ok, two catches, the other being you have to be a woman. I have been a member for 7 months or so and I got a subscription to a Martha Stewart Magazine and a hundred dollar toothbrush. Yup, a hundred dollar toothbrush, mine to keep forever! Although there are apparently some bitches who are getting Kitc

Music Monday

You will forgive me, but these past few days have put me in a bad mood, and I think I am feverish. As in actual fever, higher than 98.6 degrees or whatever. Today was my estimated due date. As most of you know, I lost the child that should have been here today. And that makes me crabby. So as I flail around in my pity party this weekend, knowing full well that many more horrible, awful things happen to many people, I am going to give myself permission to be pissy. For today. And the past couple of days, too. Then, though I will never forget, try to move past today and embrace the future, whatever it may hold. This song is a song that has nothing to do with losing a baby, but it saddens me and comforts me at the same time. I think it is that plaintive guitar. And yes, that last bit sounds an awful lot like Coldplay. The video has still photos from "Rescue Me" with Dennis Leary, as it seems they played this song on there at one time. It was the only one on YouTube that

Friday Poll

The burning question I have for you is: Cheesy movie you are embarassed to admit you like? Come on, we're all friends here... And J , I think I already know your answer!

No Wishes Here

Sometime around the New Year, (the actual day escapes me as I had been sick for two entire weeks by that time) the newscaster informed me that there was going to be a fantastic meteor shower. A meteor shower that would be one of the brightest and best for a looooong time. Hundreds of meteors within that hour for our viewing delight. I was excited. Living here in the metropolis that is SoCal means that there is mucho light pollution. And mucho light pollution translates into cruddy stargazing. Where I live is about as good as it probably gets in an urban area, as we are up on a big hill. So on a good night, I can see Orion and Venus, usually Mars, and if I'm lucky, the Pleiades. But the dippers and the Milky Way are a sight just not seen in the "lowlands." And shooting stars? Practically never. Unfortunately for me, the meteor shower was to take place between 2 and 3AM, times which normally find me snoozing and attempting to avoid being smacked (see post below). So

Sleep Hitting

If I had known how difficult it was to sleep (I mean really sleep) with someone, I would have just forgone the Cal King and gotten two double beds with a nightstand and lamp in the middle. But no, nobody tells you that being sleep compatible is an important part of marrriage. I suspect because not many people are, and it's a dirty little secret. Because seriously? I cannot sleep (again, head.out.of.gutter) with my own husband. The other day I was minding my own freaking business, fast asleep at some ungodly single digit hour and people, I was smacked! Not exactly used to getting hit in the stomach while fast asleep, I made some sort of noise, which I would expect exactly 99.9% of the rest of the population would do as well. Please tell me that you wouldn't just roll over? Apparently, my husband took my cry of dismay over being sucker punched as some sort of disapproval of him and left to go sleep on the couch. He may have been right, come to think of it. But the next morni

This Message is Not Endorsed By Hubba-Hubba*

I have been getting so many spam messages regarding, ahem, the enlargement of a certain part of the male anatomy that I'm starting to feel inadequate myself. Uh, except, I don't have the thing they are attempting to embiggen. And never have, let's just get that straight right now. But I keep seeing, "She will feel more pleasure" and "There will be no stopping you after this" so many times that I have sort of involuntarily started to look down and wonder if I might be in need of some assistance. That's how many of them I am recieving a day. If I was a man, would the constant bombardment of these messages get to me after a while? If all I got were boob enhancement ads, would the exposure to hundreds of the same "You're inadequate" messages make me feel badly about myself, even if for a minute? Well actually no. I'm pretty stacked, so they're definitely targeting the wrong market if they were to send those to me. But I wish th

Music Monday

For some reason, although I am obviously a woman, I have not found myself drawn much to women singer/songwriters. Performers such as Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrissette, and Tori Amos have limited appeal for me, although I certainly like some of their songs. Sarah McLaughlan, Alicia Keyes, and Annie Lennox are the three that really stand out to me, and they all happen to have very strong, deep voices. For women, anyway. It tends to be Hubba-hubba that likes high, breathy female vocals. So when I first heard this song by Vanessa Carlton, I was tempted not to like it just because she sounds so young and, well, high-pitched. I'm an old, bitter hag, I know. You don't have to remind me. But after listening to this song more than a few times, I decided I liked it. Intrigued by the lyrics, I found out that she had written it about a young girl she met who had cancer. After reading that, I can't listen to it without a tear coming to my eye. Damn that talented Vanessa for makin