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Friday Poll

I like healthy food. I know it's good for you and all that. But, there are some days when I sort of crave some fatty, cholesterol and sodium-laden fare that can only be found at a place with a drive thru. When you are in the mood, what is your favorite fast food joint?

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet, and the Scream Come Out of My Mouth

(scene: Gina sitting at computer) Gina: Huh, that feels like an earthquake. (two seconds later) Gina: Yup, definitely an earthquake. It'll stop soon, it always does. (five seconds later ) Gina: Shit, it hasn't stopped, it's actually stronger . And did that picture frame that one second ago was sitting on top of my entertainment center miss my head by mere inches? (.2 seconds later) Gina: What the hell can I dive under to protect myself from the multitude of falling picture frames and candles? (.1 second later) Gina: Maybe I should just scream as I run across the living room to supposed safety. Yeah, that's a really good idea. (4 seconds and 1 scream later) Gina: I'm standing under a doorway even though I know damn well that you are NOT supposed to stand under a doorway. I'm doomed. (3 seconds later) Gina: Is it over? To my relief, it was indeed over. I was very close to the epicenter, thus making the shaking quite violent. I am a SoCal native, and this was

Music Monday

I had never heard of the band Radiant, and I knew nothing about them before I heard this song. I immediately loved it. Although if you get squeamish easily, this video might not be for you.

Friday Poll

What animal/insect creeps you out the most?

The Great Diet Coke Experiment

I used to drink nothing but Caffeine Free Diet Coke. You know, because caffeine is so damn unhealthy for you. No really, I drank it because I hate drinking plain water, and Diet Coke comes in large flats at Costco. I'm all for the least amount of effort possible. I have always enjoyed iced tea, but would only order it in restaurants. Have I mentioned the my fondess for laziness? One day almost a year ago, Hubba-hubba bought me an iced tea maker (no, not for my birthday or our anniversary, just because). It was around that time when the big news was how unhealthy drinking diet colas was and all that, so I decided to switch cold turkey to drinking iced tea exclusively. I experimented with different teas, finding new ones that I liked, and finding a few inedible clunkers as well. But, I at least had the choice of making different teas instead of the same old, same old. I started feeling better. Not like "Wow! I feel like running a marathon now!" better, but just a bit

Music Monday

Busy week this week. Did I mention that Mr. P starts school tomorrow? Regular school? It seems our school district prefers year round school. It's not due to overpopulation, as in having mulitple tracks. There is only one track. Although we had Kindergarten Orientation on Friday, and I am pissed. It seems there are a few more students than normal this year, and so they had to convert a regular classroom into a kinder instead of the lovely large kinder classrooms they have there. And guess who drew the short end of the stick? Yup. Of course. There are also many other things that I was not happy with, and I have a feeling I am not necessarily going to be a popular parent with the principal. More on that as it unfolds and I get some more concrete information to confirm my suspicions. Now, onto the music! I know that like, only five of you actually listen to it, and I appreciate that! I really do! Even Liz , who never knows who it is! But listens to it anyway! Alison Moyet

Friday Poll

Do you exercise regularly?

Not Going to Blogher

And don't really care. In years past, I've found myself wracked with envy that I wasn't able to go. All the fun! All the free stuff! How could I possibly live another day without the opportunity to network and meet people and did I mention free stuff? And this year, meh. I've heard that Blogher ranks up there as one of the most expensive blogger conferences, with a full conference pass running a steep $348.00. Ouch. Not to mention transportation costs, staying at a hotel, and perhaps, you know, eating something once in a while. It could easily run a grand, and I for one do not have a thousand bucks to spend on something that at times has seemed like high school times ten. This weekend I guess I'll be the equivalent of the chick smoking a joint in the girls bathroom. Sounds like more fun. Wanna join me?

Music Monday

My friends, I feel like going a little retro today. Care to take a trip back with me to 1982? Young Gina was in fifth grade, and although a lot of the lyrics flew right over my innocent twin-ponytailed head, I still knew that I liked what I heard. I dare you to not move a muscle while this song is playing. I have found that it is just not possible. And listen, those special effects were GOLD back in 1982.

Friday Poll

Do you wish you lived in another part of the country/world? Or do you like it just fine where you are?

I Can Lord This Over Him for at Least the Next Year

The phone rings, and I, being the social person that I am, pick it up. It is a live person from our city library. Looking for me. Uh-oh. You know you are in some deep shit when they physically take the time to call you. They have all this automated stuff to let you know about fines and books you have placed on hold. A call from an actual living being is cause for alarm. I wait for the ball to drop. She explains that she has in her possession a birth certificate for one Mr. Personality. OHMYGOD. That's where he left it! Let me back up. A few weeks ago, the insurance company from Hubba-hubba's work required a copy of Mr. P's birth certificate to make sure we weren't lying or whatever about having a kid. So, Hubba-hubba went to the library to make a copy because we are poor and don't have a scanner. Anyhoo, I had been asking Hubba-hubba where he had placed said important document. I was always given an annoyed look and a shrill denial of having misplaced it. He didn&#

Just Trying to Get Out the Damn Door, Already

Today for some reason, my temper was a bit, er, on the shorter side of things. We were getting ready to go to the beach (yay, beach!) and it seemed like I was doing it all- packing and making the food, the towels, getting sunscreen on everybody, and just generally trying to get us on our way without forgetting important things. You know, like something to drink, or Chap-stick. Because it's when you don't have the Chapstick that you really, really, need it. Meantime, I've got these two chatterboxes contsantly asking me questions. "Mommy, Mommmmyy, Moooommm-eeeee," comes the constant cry "did I tell you what the magic did?" "The magic?" I reply, "Exactly what kind of magic are you talking about? And can't you see that I am doing a bajillion other things and cannot talk about the magic right now? Then comes the hurt look on the face and the huffing off in a corner because Mommy did not drop everything to listen to him. Then from the k

Music Monday

I don't know why I love doing these Music Mondays so much. Maybe I should have been a DJ in another life. You want to be on the cutting edge? Then listen to this new song from Death Cab for Cutie. I actually really like it, it's tight and yet atmospheric at the same time. And be glad that I didn't put up the eight minute version, which is also really good but I figured you all weren't going to sit here for eight minutes and listen to a four minute instrumental lead-in. I know I'm right on that.