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Because I'm just too worn out from being sick and caring for other sick people to write anything long and coherent.  So you're just going to get short and hopefully-coherent. - It sounds like the dumbest thing, but I bought some new flatware (at Target!) and it is so interesting and unlike our other more traditional flatware that I feel cool when I use it.  For some reason we kept losing spoons and forks.  But knives, for some reason, were OK. - I am the dumbass who woke up last night at 3am wondering if I had closed the windows on the van after I picked up Mr. P from an activity.  It was raining.  I thought, Hubba-hubba is going to kill me if I didn't close those windows.  So I opened the garage door and walked out to the driveway in my pajamas, in the rain, at 3am.  I figured if any of our neighbors was up, they deserved to see me in my pajamas.  And indeed, not only had I left 2 windows open, I had also NOT CLOSED one of the sliding van doors.  -Uh, so at least the

Mr. P

So we've all pretty much been sick over here since Christmas, passing the same cold, and then what we think is the flu, around.  The only one that got a flu shot was the 3 year old, but she's still pretty miserable.   But then I'm thinking, what if it isn't the flu?  But Hubba-hubba had to take three days off of work because I was down for the count, so that's gotta be the flu, right? Today I want to talk about my son. Sometimes I feel like he gets short shrift on everything because so much time and attention is given to our daughter.  And even though he can be very lazy and doesn't keep a very clean room, I think my son is awesome. The other day he came up to me and said, "Mom, I need some songs.  What are some songs that are kind of sad?  I like sad songs, not happy songs." Which I interpreted to mean that he is in an anti-pop music phase, not a depression phase. So we sat down and I guided him to some of my favorite music, which luckily

My Great Fear

I don't normally like to talk about it because I have a sense that my fear is stupid and unreasonable to most people. But I truly cannot get over it, and as my daughter's multi-disciplinary assessment from the school district looms large this week, it is becoming worse.  And probably more irrational. I try not to get into the specifics of my daughter's speech delay, but let's just say it is significant.  Like, below the 10th percentile for her age group. She has extreme difficulty communicating her needs.  I have never heard her ask for something to eat, and only rarely ask for something to drink.  When she is in pain, there is much screaming and crying, but not a whole lot of substantive words that help me to understand exactly where she is hurting and how I can help her. She does not tell stories about her day, or things she has done.  She doesn't even refer to herself as "I" and only rarely refers to herself in the third person, often using her

2012 Kinda Sucked

I believe a few years back, I posted something for New Year's that said something like, hey old year, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, and is it wrong for me to want to say that again? 2012 was a painful one in some ways, what with my surgery, our daughter's special needs diagnosis, my own mother screwing me over, and me losing my freelancing job. But you know, there were some good things about it as well. Uhhhhhh, let me think for a sec. Hmmmm. I kid, I kid. Mr. P was accepted into a fantastic enrichment program for gifted kids, and so far we kind of feel like we won the lottery.  It is highly subsidized by private donors, so we only pay a couple hundred bucks for classes that are worth (in total for the semester) thousands.  He attended lectures from a Nobel Prize winner and learned archery, amongst other things. It totally kicked ass, and it is a highly competitive application and probation process, so I can breathe a sigh of relief, at least f