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Where the Hell Have I Been?

I just looked at the last post I wrote, and shook my head sadly. I've never gone that long without a post here, and I really can't explain what took me so long to come back. Could it be I have other blog obligations? Could it be that I was literally sick for two months? Or that a (hitherto unknown to me) gallstone attack put me in the hospital for four days, and almost triggered preterm labor at 30 weeks? Could it be that I have a busy 1st grader and am tired and exhausted in my last trimester? Could it be that I am just damn lazy? Probably a combination of all five, my friends. The less said about the hospital stay, the better. I've never been in the hospital for that long, and I never want to be in there for that long again. I learned two things: 1)Taking a shower with an IV hooked up to you is a pain in the ass. 2) Even if your nurse is a crazy right-wing nut, DON'T DISAGREE WITH HER AND PISS HER OFF. Of course I wasn't stupid enough to piss her off, but a per