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This and That

- I know, I KNOW the brick is just a brick, but sometimes I just like to have some fun when I'm writing something.  I guess that's bad, because I'm sorry that anyone thought that I was worried about a stolen brick. - Although, anything could happen, amirite? -The weather here is insanely tropical, it is 10PM and 82 degrees outside with the humidity at 60%.  That is WRONG in so many ways.  I got out of the car to pick up Babygirl today and the sun was actually painful on my arms. - It seems today I am enamored of ALL CAPS.  I DON'T KNOW WHY. -Babygirl just got referred to another Occupational Therapist for what is termed "Feeding Therapy" because girlfriend has food issues.  Apparently she will not tolerate mixed textures and anything "wet" that isn't a liquid.  Such as watermelon.  She hates watermelon, which is just sort of sad.  So it goes well beyond your normal toddler pickiness.  Sigh.  Yet another therapy appointment to drive to.  L

The Telltale Brick

Have I ever told you about the time Hubba-hubba and I took a mini-tour of the East Coast? It was sometime around 1996 and I can say that I unreservedly adore the Smithsonian, Valley Forge National Monument, Salem, and the state of Maine in its entirety.  The rest, meh.  Maybe if the leaves had turned nicely, but supposedly it was a bad year for that.  Sorry all you EC'ers.  I still love YOU, though.  I'm not holding your place of residence against you.  Er, trying not to, anyway. Which brings me to Salem, Massachusetts.  We were traveling around Halloween, as we always find that travel during October is pretty much optimal for just about everything.  We parked at the first place we could find that didn't charge for parking, which was somewhere off the main drag and next to a dilapidated church of unknown denomination.  Maybe it was Catholic?  Anyway, we went and visited the house of the Seven Gables, wandered around the bay front, and finally towards the evening there

Not My Idea of a Vacation

I was talking to one of our neighbors yesterday. She and her family had been on vacation for a week or so, and although I knew they were gone, I didn't know where. I asked if they had enjoyed their vacation, and she said, oh yes, but it was so hot where they went that they could only swim in the pool at night.  Oh, that is a bummer, I said. She then went on to explain that they were sharing a timeshare condo with another couple who have children around their daughter's age. I know this other family, they used to live down the street until their house was foreclosed upon and they obviously had to move somewhere else. That somewhere else happened to be not too far from here and so both of the families hang out together from time to time. I've never been too big a fan of the matriarch of the family that had to move.  She has always struck me as a fairly bitter person.  I don't think I have ever seen her give a smile that reaches her eyes.  I always said hello w