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A Public Service Announcement

Hubba-hubba works in the line of public safety. One day he was interrogating someone, apparently in a more aggressive manner than usual. Truly, my husband is an easy-going kind of guy. Which explains why we are still happily married. Anyhoo. His co-worker looked at him in amazement and said, "What, did your wife let you check out your balls today?" Now, this co-worker is a woman and a lesbian, so I forgive her for not knowing how the whole thing works. You see, balls are to be checked out every weekday at 8am, and returned promptly at 5pm. Check-out on the weekends is prohibited. And the late fees? You don't even want to know.


Yes, yes, I know. I cannot pull my head out of my ass and post here, can I? I don't know why but putting up a post on this particular blog is one of the last things I think of doing during the day. Compare that to the heady days of 2006-07 when I was so wrapped up in this blog I couldn't stop thinking about it. Well, I'm thinking that I have a healthier attitude about this blog compared to then, but even the crickets are getting lonely around here. What have I been doing with myself? Well, chasing a toddler around, for one. You know, when I was raising the toddler version of Mr. P, I thought he was fairly challenging. He was clingy and a high needs baby. So I was full of woe is me and my god, my life is so damn hard. So when we found out Ms. P was coming along, we thought to ourselves, finally! Our easy baby! Well, the joke was certainly on us as this little girl is quite frankly hell on wheels. As underweight and tiny as she is, she DOES NOT STOP. She is constantly,