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Oh Bloggy Bloggy

I wish I could quit you. Really, during these last two weeks I was thisclose to not blogging here any longer. What with two other blogs and some stuff in the works, I just couldn't see where I was going to have the time. And for sure, I am going to have to comment less frequently. The commenting is the biggest time commitment, and I seem to be just running out of time. And, I don't think I will be able to be quite so "regular" with the posting either. I know that means I will have all of three comments any more, but that's ok with me. I started this thing just to hear myself speak, and it seems I will somehow end it on that same note. In other, much more important news, there have been two devastating losses within my beautiful blogging community. Maya's Granny , the fabulous, witty, and intelligent mother to my buddy J passed away. Her blog was always a font of information, and I will never forget how willing she was to impart her knowledge of child-r

Music Monday

If you don't like this song, there is seriously something wrong with you. Seriously. This is one of "our" songs and I have loved it since the first time I heard it, long before we had met. And if you don't like it, then I will have to just ask you to leave. Now.

Friday Poll

Holy crud, is it really Friday already? Today was Mr. P's last week of school, and there have been lots of things to do and take care of as we are also going on two vacays over the next two weeks. Thus the blog is going to be quiet, quiet. Not that it has been rip roaring lately around here anyway. I've also been trying to pre-write posts for the other place, which is an extra burden. But also, I have the feeling that I might be coming to a very important decsion over these next two weeks. Being away from the internets will probably be a very good thing. Have you ever thought about quitting your blog? A lot or a little?

Music Monday

The end of the school year is this week, and I've got more things going on than I know what to do with. I now present to you one of the BEST PUNK SONGS EVER. I merely dabbled in punk during the 80's, but my love for this song knows absolutely no bounds. I think it is freaking brilliant. And may I never be that mom. Although this song may provide a bit of insight into a rebellious young male teenager's mind, and that scares me a bit.

Friday Poll

What was your worst subject in school?

Stupid DVR

A few days ago, Sixteen Candles came on the television. I haven't watched that movie in ages, and although it wasn't my number one favorite of the John Hughes ouevre, I still like the movie a lot. So, we made sure to have the DVR record it, and we were looking forward to watching it when Mr. P went to bed. So we put it on, and laugh at Anthony Michael Hall and wonder whatever the hell happened to Jake's acting career, because he certainly never made another good movie after that one. I didn't even remember his name. Which is a shame, because he was certainly a hottie. Long Duc Dong, John Cusack's cameo, and Sam's sister, whose performance has been severely underrated. All were enjoyed. So we sit through the whole thing, and finally get to the part where they are sitting on the table, birthday cake for Samantha in between them. "Make a wish," he says, candlelight illuminating their faces. "It already came true," she breathes. And then th

Let's Talk About Race

Note to self: don't ever talk about economics again. It apparently bores people to death. Duly noted. Hmmm, how about politics? Will I again get a bunch of crickets if I talk about politics? I am happy to say that Obama is now the Democratic presidential nomineee. I actually did not like Hillary, which is a shame because I would loved to have seen a woman president. However, I'm not sure Hillary was the right person. Also, I wasn't too fond of the sort of "ruling families" thing that would have happened. You know, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Now, do not take me the wrong way, but I worry about Obama's candidacy. Not because I don't think he is a good candidate, but let's address the race issue. He himself has encouraged us to talk about race, and yet I haven't really read a whole lot of blogging about it. I am ashamed to say that my grandmother has sworn that she will not vote for Obama even though she is a lifelong Democrat. Even though

The Big Squeeze

Nope, I'm not talking about a hug. I'm talking about the rising cost of just about freaking everything in the United States. We are feeling it here at Casa Gina. Big time. A few months ago I told Hubba-huuba, just think! Soon we won't be paying for Mr. P's schooling any more! That was supposed to free up a nice chunk of money, but it seems that it will help us break even more than get us ahead. Our dollar is worth less and less. Money you have in the bank is worth less than it was three years ago. I just found out today (although it hasn't been a secret or anything) that Bernanke, the Fed chaiman, has chosen since his tenure began to suppress a previously published set of important numbers, known as M3. This report basically tells us how much money the government is printing. And listen, there is a really good reason he didn't want people knowing those numbers. Because then everyone would know that instead of the annoying but doable five percent inflation t