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Just Mom

My son is currently in the midst of a leadership workshop, and for one of the excercises, he was asked to list three people he knew that he considered to be leaders. He came up with one, but said that he couldn't think of anyone else. His father said, "Well, you know your mother is a great leader.  She really knows how to work with people and get the best out of them." He, of course, was referencing my past work history, with a lot of it being supervisory in nature.  Hell, when I worked for world-famous think tank, everybody and their mother thought I was the bomb.  Hubba-hubba was also thinking of all the coaching I have done. My son, bless his heart, (and I say that truly, not in the sarcastic Southern sense) replied with a disbelieving snort, "MOM? She doesn't lead anybody.  All she does is stay at home at watch my sister all day long." And this, friends, would be the truth. I don't lead anybody, and he was referring to the Mom he has know

Well Hi There

Long time no blog, eh? Well, that happens when your poor family keeps fighting off sickness after sickness, and this morning Hubba-hubba and I agreed that we are still not 100% recovered from that damn flu.  When I breathe out, I get weird bubbly/whistle-y sounds coming out of my throat, and he is still coughing. Remind me to display my weird bubbly/whistle-y sounds at the next party I attend.  I am sure to be a big hit. Which will actually probably be my own birthday party, which not to toot my own horn, is right around the corner.  Jesus Christ, I will be forty-freaking-two years old.  I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that I am that old and I have a three year old.  She makes me feel like an ancient crone.  I can just imagine her joy when she is a tween and I am an elderly lady in my 50's.   Those ought to be some fun shopping trips. Seriously though, I don't truly see 50 as elderly, although I am sure my daughter will. Speaking of my daughter, this morni

OK, So THAT Was the Flu

Something happened that has never happened before, and that is that Hubba-hubba and I got extremely sick at exactly the same time.  Usually one of us will get whatever it is first, and the other can take care of the house, kids, and the other person until they also get sick, wherein at that point, the original sick person is usually much better and can take over. Nope, we got sick the same day, and it hit like a Mack truck.  We could do nothing but lay down for a couple of hours to work up the energy to get something for baby girl to eat or to change her, or whatever other care a typical three year old needs.  But for the most part, it was just glancing over in the haze of 102.7 fevers to make sure she was still alive. I haven't had a fever that high in YEARS and I hope to god I don't get another for as many.  At one point, I was sticking my head out the sliding door to cool off because I was so damn hot.  Into 46 degree night weather.  And the sad part is, it didn't re

Why? Why? Whyyyyy?

Why would anyone go over to someone's house knowing they are sick and could possibly infect all of said inhabitants of house?  One of whom is a little girl? I say this as someone whose "friend" came over, sort of invited as in hey stop by when you get the chance, but definitely would not have been if she had mentioned she has spent the last few days "fighting something off" and coughing all over myself and my kids. So, baby girl is currently sleeping with a fever and I feel not so hot.  Hubba-hubba, at work, reports a sore throat. All after spending nearly the entire month of January being sick, and so very happy we had finally pulled out of it. Gah. I mean, I realize that sickness is a part of life and all, but don't come into my house if you know you are infectious! Is it really that difficult?