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Hello, It's Totally Me You're Looking For...

And man, I have to say I HATED that song by Lionel Ritchie.  I would screech (being in high school and all) dramatically and change the radio station whenever that song came on.  Because that was the kind of tough shit world we lived in back then when there was no instant access 24/7 to only your favorite music.  Seriously, that should be my generation's "uphill in the snow both ways." Yesterday my health provider (which is one of the largest in the country, (rhymes with Baiser Kermenente) sends me a big brochure asking me to participate in a genetics study which would require the banking of my genetic makeup via saliva and blood samples.  If not specifically stated by me in a legal manner, they could continue to use my genetic material in perpetuity.  I get nothing other than the touchy-feely helping your fellow man thing.  I'm tempted because I am a strong believer in research, yet, on another level, my lizard brain is warning me against someone else having someth