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Mucho Suspenso

Yeah, I know, not a word. But I like it, so it stays. Suffice it to say that there are things brewing at Casa Gina, things I don't feel at liberty to talk about because the last time I talked about it, things didn't work out. So, you will find out shortly what is going on. I promise. In the meantime, I'm tired and crabby and feeling lots of populist rage.

Music Monday

Man, going on vacation is freaking tiring. Although I have to say, I think the highlights of the trip for Mr. P were ordering room service and eating his breakfast on the balcony. For some reason he is obsessed with hotels and staying at a hotel vs. home. So with five days at a hotel, this trip was definitely satisfying for him. This song by Danny Elfman, musician supreme, is one of my favorite solo offerings from him. It really is just a beautiful song. Boring-ass video, though.

That One Percent Could be Very Important, You Know

I used to wear very expensive sunglasses. That was before I figured out I keep losing them. So, now my sunglasses run the gamut, with sixty bucks being the top amount I've spent in the last ten years, and as low as 1.99 from Big Lots for a throwaway pair to keep somewhere in the car if I need them. I was looking for an extra pair at Target, got the approval from Hubba-hubba as to their not-ugliness, and then took them out of the bag at home. I started to take the annoying sticker they put on the front which blares the UV protection at you. Except, mine said "99% UV protection." WTF? Would it have killed them to throw in that extra one freaking percent?

Music Monday

Heaven help us, we're going on a vacation next week. And staying at a HOTEL, for god's sake, which we rarely do. We had initially thought about going up to San Francisco, but for reasons to be revealed later, decided on something a bit closer to home. The choice of song, obvious. The video, due to copyright issues, not so much.

Friday Poll

A shout out to my homegirl Sunshine , as it is her birthday today! As for you, would you say that you spend too much time on the computer? And crikey, I just found out that dearest Kelley from Magnetoboldtoo! had a mini-stroke earlier in the week ! Please go over and leave her a funny/well-wishing comment to keep her entertained in the hospital. Damn.

Music Monday

I had a fantastic breakfast with some of my Bay Area peeps yesterday. Thanks, gals, for a wonderful morning! So in honor of them, who else am I going to do a Music Monday with other than the Bay Area's own Journey? And because all of their videos are unable to be embedded, I've got this one, which is actually MORE fun to watch, I think. It's a frame-by-frame reconstruction of the original video "Separate Ways."

Friday Poll

Do you think books will become extinct in our children's lifetime? And by extinct, I mean that there would be no production of new ones.

He's a Regular Comedian, He is...

Conversation with my husband this morning: Him: How are you feeling? (as I had spiked a fever last night) Me: Eh, all right. Not fantastic, not really bad. Him: Well, you're at least functional. Me: Yeah, but I think I'm just gonna lay low today and not do a whole lot. Him: Ahhhh, so it's pretty much status quo for you then. Har de har har....

Music Monday

How, how could I have forgotten about Music Monday last week? I dunno, it was just a crazy week all around. I'm going to go way back in time to a band I remember listening to with my Dad. This is one of his favorite groups, and this is one of his all time favorite bands. Fleetwood Mac and I go way, way back and I have a deep appreciation for them. "The Chain" is one of my favorites from them. And yeah, they are all 70'd out and whatnot, and this being a live version, but the song still rocks and so does Lindsey Buckingham.