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Music Monday

Oh it's bad. If you've been hiding your head in the sand about this whole thing, I advise you not to. I urge you to embiggen that top chart. I know that I've already put this song up, but it fits my depression and sadness perfectly, so here it goes again.

Friday Poll

I like sandwiches. I don't know why, but I often choose to eat a sandwich over many other things. The weird thing is that I find myself needing to have something crunchy with them, like chips. Or else I feel like I am missing out on something. Yeah, I'm weird, I know. Do you have to have chips (or something similarly crunchy) with your sandwich, or do you even care?

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Mr. P's sixth birthday. When he woke up, I wished him a happy birthday and told him that his birthday was one of the best days of my life. "Why, Mommy?" Because it's the day that you came into it, bud. And that is about as sentimental as I can get. I am just not a gooey, sentimental mom. I've actually never been a gooey, sentimental person. That doesn't mean I'm not emotional, it just means I don't get all goofy with everyone when I tell them I love them. I hug, I kiss, I say I love you. And then that's it and then I might say something sarcastic, you never know. But the sarcasm just means that I love you all the more. I know that it is tradition amongst many mommybloggers to write letters to their children on their birthdays, walking down memory lane and talking about the accomplishments made during the year. Well, this would be my letter: Dear Mr. P, I want you to know that no matter what happens in your life, I've always g

Alaskans Against Palin

There was a rally held to show that Palin is not universally beloved in her home state, which got little to no media attention (surprise!). God, I loves me some of these signs:

Music Monday

In case you didn't know, our government is set to give the banking and mortgage industries a huge bailout consisting of billions and billions of dollars. And since when has the government ever given us the correct statistic for something like this? It's probably more along the lines of a trillion dollars. Seriously, I could puke. If I was stupid and greedy and made big mistakes with my money, the federal government would tell me to kiss off, oh and be sure to have my creditors attach my wages. Write your Congressional representative ( go here to email them) and tell them that you will never vote for them again and will work to help out their opponent in the upcoming elections if they vote in favor of this bill. It is too much money that we will be paying off for decades, and that allows the people who did the bad, stupid stuff to get away with it, leaving the taxpayers holding the bag. The government looked the other way when all this was happening, and now suddenly bec

Friday Poll

So yesterday as I left to Costco with Mr. P, I finally grabbed the two five dollar bills that had been sitting on the counter for at least two weeks. I stuffed them in my pocket, thinking I would put them in my wallet later. I needed to fill up the car, so off we went to the gas station. As I was waiting next to my car for the tank to finish filling, I noticed a black car just sitting there. Suddenly (or it seemed to me) this guy in his mid-twenties approaches me. But not too close, he probably was a good ten feet away. The owner, it seemed, of the black car. He said, "Uh, I feel really stupid asking you this, but I need gas and I don't have any money. I only have some change (jingles it in his hand) and really, I feel like a jackass asking you if you had anything you could spare, even a dollar." I looked at him. He seemed a fairly typical twentysomething slacker-y type. Longish hair, a tiny bit of scruff, but his clothes were somewhat expensive looking and he was

Hell Has Frozen Over

I threw everything I had at him. Every lie, every example of ineptitude, every "Mission Accomplished" scenario. I even threatened to withhold sex. Because dude, I just cannot have sex with someone who is going to vote for John McCain. I already felt dirty enough that Hubba-hubba cast a vote for George Bush, but McCain 2.0 was the last straw. And lo and behold, the fiscal conservative that I live with, who has voted for a Republican presidential candidate since he was 18 (except for Ross Perot, he hasn't ever really admitted to voting for Perot, but I think he did) has changed his allegiance. He is going to leave the Republican party and register as an Independent. And baby, I never thought I would say that a certain political persuasion was a turn-on, but at least I go to bed with a clear conscience and finally be able to give up resisting the urge to suffocate him with his pillow.

Music Monday

I feel that with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the banking/mortgage/brokerage industries in general, this song was only fitting. It's not the original video, which is some way cool animation, but it will have to do. We have, in part, the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act under, I cringe to say it, President Clinton to blame for this current state of affairs. That and unmitigated greed and allowing brokerages and banks to essentially break the law with no consequences. But isn't that the American way?

Friday Poll

These past few weeks dealing with women at Mr. P's school have reminded me why I don't have a lot of close female friends. No seriously, I have really good female friends, but I tend to be ultra-cautious, having been burned one too many times by women who purported to be my friend, but then had no trouble turning around and stabbing me in the back. I used to be just too damn nice for my own good. Then I finally wised up and haven't let a whole lot of people in. Oh I can chat with anybody and be friendly, but there are only a few people I consider to be my true friends. Do you think that women's reputations for being catty are deserved, or are men just as bad but nobody seems to notice? Oh, and Hubba-hubba has labeled me an incoherent, rambling pinko for my previous blog entry. "Did you really have to comment three times in a row?" Listen, I was eating my breakfast and typing at the same time. Thoughts came to me between bites. Then I told him, "It&#

On Politics

I know, I know. Everyone is talking about politics, including me. But if you can't talk about politics a mere two months before a presidential election, when can you? The lovely and talented dgm (aren't her and her husband just too damn cute in that picture?) asked me in the comments on a previous post, "The Republicans don't have a monopoly on hypocrisy. Politics is rife with hypocrisy and rhetoric. That's how the game is played. This surprises you?" She went on to say that she isn't trying to bait me, but was curious as to why I am suddenly working myself up into such a lather. Well, to be honest, I often work myself up in a political lather, I just tend not to do it here. In fact, since Bush has been president, I've found myself quite sudsy more often than not. I have always been very political, talking politics is a regular occurrence both here at my home and a tradition with my extended family at holidays and parties. I have very deeply hel

Music Monday

You know, I have a soft spot for old-skool, pre-gangsta rap. And I've always had a soft spot for LL Cool J, even before he did that movie with Robin Williams where he tried to portray himself in a different light. This song is one that is on my workout playlist, and Mr. P happens to like it a lot as well. So yeah baby, turn it up and and enjoy.


I have one sentence as to why I didn't post my Friday Poll, which should explain everything. Mr. P was diagnosed with a MRSA(drug-resistant staph)infection. After twenty four hours of panic and crying and thinking that my son might possibly wind up in the hospital, gravely ill, all is now well. All I could think of were the stories I had read about healthy oxen-like football players getting a scrape on their knee, and then less than a week later were dead, or the nine year old who cut himself on the sidewalk and again, less than a week later was dead. There are two types of MRSA, the first and nastiest being HA-MRSA, which is "hospital acquired" MRSA. Often fatal, usually patients already in the hospital get it, usually through invasive tubing that becomes infected. The second type is CA-MRSA, which is "community acquired" MRSA. Staph is a normal flora that lives on our skin, and it requires the right set of circumstances to get into your system and infect y


Hey, what can I say, I enjoy making up new words. Look no further than my man Jon Stewart on pointing out Repubocrisy, go here to check out the video. They just might have something to say about the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy in there.


All right, so Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. That doesn't please me or make me happy at all, even though I disagree with her stance on almost everything and hope with every fiber of my being that she not be elected to the second highest office in the land. And when I say that it doesn't please me, I mean that I don't feel superior or judgemental. I can only wish her the best, as I wish all teen mothers the best. Oh, and I celebrate her right to do whatever she chooses. Let us try to ensure that all teens can keep the current options that are available to them. But make no mistake, I am annoyed. I am annoyed at the hypocrisy of the Christian "conservatives" who preach abstinence, yea verily throw millions of dollars of federal funds on "Abstinence Only" education classes for teens, who are now saying it's no problem at all that this young girl is going to have a baby. The same people who wanted Bill Clinton's head on a pike