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Friday Poll

My dad had to put his beloved dog of 12 years down last week. It was very unexpected, and very hard for him. She had suddenly gotten a condition that is apparently common in older, deep-chested dogs, and my dad, not knowing exactly what was wrong, waited a little too long to take her to the vet (a mere six hours, and she had initially gotten ill at 1 or so in the morning, and he simply waited until his vet's office was open) and it had already damaged her heart and kidneys. She was going into renal failure when he made the decision to not have her suffer any longer, as she had suffered greatly throughout the day. I feel very badly for him, but at least he was with her during her last moments, and she was being held and talked to as she slipped away. Not knowing she was going to die so soon, he had also recently gotten a Border Collie puppy, thinking they could keep each other company. Now at least the puppy is keeping him occupied and hopefully not dwelling too much on his muc

Music Monday

I've been sick, sick, sick for the past week and am only today starting to feel any better. It was basically a head cold with a fever added in for good measure, but man, without being able to take medicine, it was killer. Add to that I had to deal with home inspectors and termite guys, and the overall week was one of not getting enough rest, and thus, never getting better. So of course it sucks that John Hughes died, and seriously, we DVR'd The Breakfast Club and watched it the week before his death. Really weird, because I hadn't seen one of his movies in years and then bam, he dies right after I watch it. Somehow I feel reponsible. And with the sickness and all, I'm again taking the easy way out and putting up a favorite song of mine from a John Hughes movie. Can you blame me? It's also one of my favorite sequences from his movies has well.