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Hmmmm, Yes...

This place still exists. I sort of forgot.  Between trying to just finish the damn school year already (why does my son fail to realize that part of the beauty of homeschooling is that you can finish the year EARLY if you so choose, which he did not) and uh, the fact that I got a job. Yes, I sort of fainted too when I heard the news.  Well, actually I got the job because I am such an awesome worker that a boss who hired me when I was 18 (and promoted me as well) decided I was worth hiring again. I'm pretty sure that if I didn't have that extra piece of the puzzle, I would still be staring at my empty inbox, ignored by any and all employers.  It's actually a great job, one that I am happy to have and am grateful to have.  It pays more than I thought it would, too.  Even better, my boss (she is an "upper" boss, not my immediate boss, if that makes any sense) is very cognizant of my family's needs and is more than willing to be flexible about my schedule.