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Hello, Big Boy!

I like to think of 2009 as holding better stuff than 2008, sort of like a handsome man I'm gazing at across the room instead of the disappointing loser I came to the party with. He looks good, but I'm still too far away to know if he's a jerk or a womanizer or has an annoying laugh. So may 2009 turn out to be, uh, perfect! Huh. That analogy started off great and then just sort of lost steam at the end there, didn't it? Not a whole lot exciting happened in 2009, and nothing really bad happened either. It was a year of milestones for Mr. P, of course, but as a growing young man, every single year will be one of milestones, so nothing new there. I am looking forward to possibly moving in 2009, and then probably getting a dog. I think as long as both of us keep our jobs (and I am constantly amazed that my part time income makes such a difference) I'm hopeful that all will be well. And now that I have just said that, I'm sure I've cursed us both. Anyhoo, I

Gettin' Merry Like Christmas

Oh, it's almost here, isn't it? We were tracking Santa all night, and when we left my mom's house, he was in Florida already. Florida! We told Mr. P that we had better get home really fast, because we needed to be asleep when he got there. So we set out the Rice Krispie treats we both made together on the special pirate-ship shaped plate and milk in a Justice League glass. Good times.... So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Friday Poll

I was on the computer, and Hubba-hubba was watching a movie. "Dumb and Dumber" to be exact. Now, I like funny movies. I even like stupid funny movies. But I cannot stand D&D, which Hubba-hubba counts amongst his favorites. That and some really crappy movie starring Val Kilmer, where he's in Nazi Germany and he starts singing on top of a table or some other crap which I didn't bother to watch. It's so horrible that I have tried to block out the title from my mind. There is no accounting for taste. So, what is your favorite movie comedy?

Music Monday

Let me take you back to those wonderful days in 1984. Gina was in seventh grade. Gina had a huge crush on the brother of my best friend. Uh, yeah, the one that was in high school and who introduced me to all of the New Wave music of the 80's. Pablo also had hair that was exactly like that of the lead singer of today's band. And dude, he was freakin' cute. I'm not sure how far-ranging the popularity of Blancmange was, but I really liked them a lot. They had three pretty good songs, which was two more than many other 80's bands. For the record, blancmange is a French dessert, with some sort of whipped cream and layering of possibly fruit involved, if I remember correctly. Ah, this video was back in the day when video was still new and they had fun instead of taking themselves so damn seriously. They all look like they are having a great time in this video, don't they?

Friday Poll

Today I was lying on my bed, talking on the phone. It happens a lot. I was lying on my stomach, with my knees bent up so that my feet were in the air. I bent one of the knees down (the one which I happened to have torn an ACL fifteen years ago) and felt something go "POP" and then some pretty excruciating pain. So imagine that, I'm lying down and I hurt my knee! Nothing noble or athletic, just my lazy ass talking on the phone and whoops, there goes the ability to walk. I'm resting it tonight, but I'm wondering if I will need to go to the doctor's tomorrow. I've taken some Naprosyn I had from some back issues, and it seems to be working well at masking the pain. I was talking to my Dad, and he said, "Oh, it sounds to me like you did something to your meniscus . You sound like a candidate for arthroscopic surgery." Yeah. Thanks, Dad. How about you, what is/was your latest bodily injury?

The Most Fun. Ever.

Well, except the part when Hubba-hubba had to carry the practically comatose Mr. P for a half-hour. That part was not so fun for him. But the rest of the night? Great. What are you talking about, Gina? I know you are asking this, because I am being all mysterious. On purpose. Just to annoy you. Because I'm annoying like that. Anyhoo... A couple of weeks ago I get this invitation to Disneyland and a special party they are having for OC-based mombloggers. After deciding that it is indeed a for-real invitation, it takes me all of two seconds to respond. My friends, my family and I were wined and dined Disney-style. And I liked it. Well, actually I was soda-ed and dined, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? They had a lovely presentation at the Grand Californian (which also happens to be the place we spent our honeymoon!) about all of the very cool and special holiday foods at Disneyland, as well as their master pastry chef explaining how to make a prop

Music Monday

I let Mr. P decorate the tree all by himself this year. Thus there is a major dearth of ornaments higher than four feet up the tree. Sigh. I'm sure I'll get around to moving them at some point. Right? But, I should get points for making cocoa and having marshmallows while he was, uh, I mean I was decorating. which are a treat Mr. P does not often get. Right? OK, I never knew about this song until recently, and every time I watch this video, I fall off my chair due to the fits of laughter. Thirty seconds does not go by that I don't find something funny. It's probably just me. Right?

Friday Poll

My last post was uh, lost in the ether, because looking back upon it, I decided it was a stupid thing for me to put up. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings for the sake of being funny, so poof! Gone! As for today's question, here goes: What have you been longing for lately?

Music Monday

I'm late! With the long weekend, I sort of lost track of what day it was, to be honest. Words cannot describe how much I love this band, and this song. Call me a sucker, but I love big, sweeping songs. Actually, I love all kinds of songs, but for some reason Keane speaks to me. Maybe they are like my own personal dog whistle, only I can really hear how great they are. Now, the video admittedly sucks the big one. That is why I picked the one with the best sound quality, even though there is an annoying thing running across the top of the screen.