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An Open Letter to My Local Target

Dear Target, When I take my eleven year old son to go shopping at your store, we usually see it as a fun outing.  The possibility of popcorn and/or an Icee is too enticing to risk staying at home! There are certain places in the store I try to avoid when I am with him. The candy aisle, for instance.  No need to be pestered about sugary things I am not going to purchase.  Sometimes the cookie aisle, too, although we sometimes buy them on purpose! Another aisle I try to skip is the "feminine care" aisle, although he does know what tampons are for.  It isn't so much the tampons that I'm trying to pass by, but the ah, "intimate aids" section that is in the same aisle as the tampons.  I'm not sure if this implies that women are the main purchasers of condoms and such, but possibly there might be a better place for them. However, I am aware of where they are in the store, and will try to approach the tampons from the other side without passing the boxe

What Lies Underneath

There is a mom at my daughter's school who has close-cropped, platinum-dyed hair.  She sports plug earrings, multiple tattoos, wears short shorts, striped knee high socks, and Chuck Taylors.  She is slightly younger than me. I sort of admire her. And I know she will probably never approach me because she thinks I am somewhat of a stuffed shirt.  Perhaps she thinks I even disapprove of the way she dresses, because we couldn't be dressed more oppositely if we tried. But she couldn't be more wrong. For some strange reason, I have never managed to have my outside match my inside.  For clothing, I have always gravitated to preppy clothing that could be considered matronly, even when I was in my teens. Back when I had a fabulous body, I never really showed it off.  If I had a denim miniskirt on, then I wore an alpine sweater and opaque tights with it.  I would wear a pencil skirt, but it was on the longer side and I had a big sweater with a collared shirt underneath.  H