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Music Monday

As one of the many, many people who did not see the movie "Martian Child," I was unaware of this song, which was on the soundtrack. Which is weird, because I just so happen to lurve John Cusack. And not just because of the whole iconic "Say Anything," he's just got a certain something that I find very attractive. Too bad he can't be in a good movie to save his life. Therefore, the last movie I saw him in was "Hi Fidelity." Yes, which was a long-ass time ago. But, this song from Guster is mellow, sweet, and the video is guaranteed to make you dizzy.

Friday Poll

Which actor, if any, will you go and see their movie, even if it sucks?

We Think Exactly Alike

The other day, Hubba-hubba went to Costco. Now, lest you think it some onerous chore I saddled him with, he actually enjoys going to Costco. And really, he is worse than any woman, because he always comes home with something extra that was not on the list. You know, because it was cool or it looked good or whatever. Impluse control, he needs some. Now I know that you know that Costco has oversized portions of pretty much everything. Because he has a sweet tooth, Hubba-hubba was drawn to a big old vat of refrigerated cookie dough. He pulled it off the shelf, only to be greeted with a stern, "You shouldn't be buying that!" But wait, Gina, you say. I thought you told us you sent Hubba-hubba to Costco, so that means you weren't there! Yes, the rule-enforcer, my right-hand man Mr. P was there to make sure that no large tubs of cookie dough made their way into our house. With the snickering of other customers in the background who heard the admonition, Hubba-hubba put i

A Hostile Takeover

Well, apparently I am famous now. For being hostile. No surprise, really. I wrote a post on one of my other blogs that was a bit critical, shall we say, of our local newspaper. They seem to be really jumping on the "blogging" bandwagon, and I put blogging in quotes because it seems that they are calling everything that isn't hard news a blog. Which annoys me. As I stated in the post, I look to my newspaper for news, not blogging. There are tons of fabulous writers and bloggers out there, I don't need the newspaper to find them for me. In fact, there are so many that I seem to have lately thrown up my hands in surrender, because I simply cannot keep reading and commenting and actually have a life. Ahem, I digress. Anyhoo, I stated what I felt was a very valid opinion on what the paper was doing. I linked to a specific blog that the paper had just launched about cosmetic surgery. I stated I didn't like it, didn't feel it was right for a newspaper. Apparent

Officially an Old Fogie

Mr. P spent part of the weekend at his grandparent's house, and it was two days of freedom for Hubba-hubba and me. Hubba-hubba and I were on our way to a scrumptious Japanese meal, sunroof open, music blasting. Just like old times, in our younger and childless days. And as in said old times, Hubba-hubba revved the engine of our Honda Accord and sped up the freeway offramp. "For God's sakes, Hubba-hubba, think of all the gas you are wasting!" Incontrovertible proof that I have become an old fart. *Shout-out to chichimama , who had some similar gasoline related thoughts this weekend. That is not to say she is an old fogie, though. That honor belongs to me.

Presidential Picnicking, for God's Sake Help Me...

I don't usually curse a whole lot on this blog, so ready yourself. IT IS NOT ABOUT WHO YOU WANT TO GO ON A FUCKING PICNIC WITH! Take that any way you wish.

Friday Poll

Today we had an earthquake, hail, and a tornado. Well, the tornado wasn't exactly where I live, but it was close enough. Do you think the weather is weird lately? Or is it just me?

An Incoherent Rant

For whatever reason, I just cannot seem to find the time to visit your actual sites and comment. I think it has been all the end of the year stuff, coupled with T-ball and all sorts of other things that have been occupying my attention. I am sorry, and I promise to be by soon. But in the meantime, I am going to write about something that has been on my mind for a while. It will probably be lacking in sense and logic, but that has never stopped me from writing anything before, so why should I let it bother me now? When I first began writing at my "other blog" I was so excited. I thought, oooh, some sort of legitimacy as a writer. Someone was actually willing to pay me money to write! And yes, it isn't a normal sort of mommyblog because we are pretty much all over the place, but I kind of like it that way. Back in November when we were having a contest with over two hundred bucks worth of prizes, my boss directed that I send emails to all of the top mommyblogs, askin

Music Monday

Energy, I need energy. I've got lots of things to do and never enough time to finish it all. With my bummer of a medical condition, fatigue is common if hormonal levels are not optimal. That last sentence sounded a bit robotic, but there it is. So lots of times I put on the old iPod Shuffle (hello, dinosaur Gina, I know you are saying that) to motivate myself whilst doing hateful tasks like folding laundry. Every song on the Shuffle is upbeat and fast, because it was originally formatted for my workouts. Quite a while ago, my computer made it clear that Apple software (meaing iTunes) and Windows software (uh, my entire OS) were not meant to coexist in peace. So, I'm stuck with what I got. One of my most favorite songs on there is this old gem from Stevie Wonder. I lurve Motown Stevie, and am not all that fond of Mellow Pop Stevie. I am a big fan of the "wall of sound" which this song displays nicely. And how cute is Stevie at just 15? This song never fails to

Friday Poll

We're heading into the weekend, and boy has it been a long week. I know some of you have had a rough time of it lately as well. Which alcoholic beverage is your favorite? And if you don't drink alcohol, is there a virgin version of something that you like?


The conference today lasted over an hour. I am happy to report that the teacher was very receptive to what I had to say. Although I think she was understating some things that went on, we were both able to develop a plan of action, both at home and at school. I know that kids are resilient, but mine has the memory of a freaking elephant. He just does not forget things. Even things that happened years ago. I'm wondering if his future wife will like that trait or will hate it passionately. It could go either way. And, he gets it from me. Anyhoo, I have been a veddy veddy bad bloggy friend lately. I have been reading faithfully in my bloglines, but for some reason am finding less time to actually click over and comment. I lurve you all, thanks for your support!


I have failed. I have failed in my obligation as a parent. I can't go into the details here, but just know that I have yet again naively given someone the benefit of the doubt. That is one of my biggest failings as a person. Some people would possibly see that as a positive character trait, but trust me, it isn't. I can't tell you the number of times I have been screwed over by people that I have trusted to do the right thing. And now, now my son has been screwed over. And although I am not completely to blame, I accept a large part. There have been some ongoing problems with Mr. P and his classmates at school, and I assumed they were being handled. They weren't. I can't get into specifics, partly beause I am tired, and partly because I am too angry to detail them right now. I have a meeting with his teacher after school tomorrow, and I am completely livid. Oh for sure I will go in there and speak politely, but there will be no doubt in anyone's mind that

Friday Poll

Do you consider yourself to be a Type A or a Type B personality?

Write or Wrong

Jesus, I didn't write anything yesterday and I STILL can't come up with anything. I know that I thought of something this morning, but pffft, it's gone. Just like that chocolate bar Hubba-hubba thought he hid. I was thinking the other day about my shortcomings as a writer. This took me approximately two days, since I have quite a few of them. One of them seems to be the fact that I crack myself up, but may or may not crack other people up. I have been known to write something and cackle at it for five mintues straight. But then it goes live, and even the crickets are desperately lonely. Another of my weaknesses is the inability to make up great similes. There are writers who can toss off beautiful, perfect similes like they were nothing. I am very jealous of those people. I am forbidden to be within two hundred yards of a simile, I am that dangerous with them. Sometimes I'm not sure if I explain things well enough. Like I will be referring to an event or literat

School Blues

Mr. P is not the biggest fan of school. He complains that it is "boring." He loathes circle time, especially. Which is odd because there is nothing he likes more than stories, and a close second is showing off whatever knowledge he might have about a particular subject. He can read very well, and in discussing what school he should attend next year with Hubba-hubba, I began to think that perhaps he needed to be challenged more. His teacher had told me, well, whispered because there were other parents around that Mr. P is "very, very intelligent" and is the only one in his class that can read at such a high level. He can read so well, in fact, that he read "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" to his classmates. Ok, bragging aside, my last wish is for him to detest going to school. Because dude, you've got at least 12 more years to go. I agonized over whether he should enter first grade in the fall instead of kinder. I talked to people, and of course, no o

Music Monday and Randomness

Well, we got a new washing machine, and yes, Mrs. G, it is indeed one of those fancy-schmancy front loaders. To be honest, I wanted this new washing machine to perhaps induce some sort of enthusiasm on my part for the doing of laundry. I was hoping that having a really nice, new machine that washes my clothes fabulously (which it does, I would highly recommend the Maytag Neptune to anybody) would somehow change my loathing and dread. But, to hardly anyone's suprise, it didn't. Although we did shop at a warehouse store that happened to also be selling pay washing machines, the kind that are in laundromats. I pointed them out to the very bored Mr. P, who was enthralled at the idea of inserting four quarters every time we want to wash our clothes. "Let's get this, Mommy! Please, can we get this one?" I laughed and said, "And pay myself every time to do the wash? I don't think so!" Then I got to thinking, and it might actually not be a bad idea. I

Friday Poll

And so we come to the chapter where my washing machine no longer works. After only six years, it has bitten the dust. However, it has been five days without a washer, and I'm starting to reach the bottom of the underwear drawer. You know, the uncomfortable underwear, and it's making me crabby. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, either. So what was the last appliance you had to replace?

Me, Only Almost Twenty Years Ago

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