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-You would never think of a soap as being creepy, but Trader Joe's has managed this seemingly impossible feat.  You see, I love soap, the fancier the better, and the more "stuff" it has in it (e.g. exfoliating agents and such) the more I like it.  However, the lavender exfoliating soap from Trader Joe's gives me the heebie jeebies because as you are lathering up, clumps of what I assume to be lavender leaves fall out all over you and your bathtub.  They are not pretty, these clumps.  They are blackish and look vaguely like bugs, especially in low lighting.  So there you are happily getting clean, and then you look down at your thigh to see it covered with black insect-like things and it just isn't a good feeling.  But, Hubba-hubba likes it, so there you go.  At least it won't be going to waste. - I loathe the terms "preggo" and "preggers."  They are stupid.  They are almost infantilizing in a way, and I find them demeaning.  Not that