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On Veeps

I was talking to Hubba-hubba yesterday and I asked him, "So, what do you think of McCain's VP pick?" He replied that unfortunately, he thought that Sarah Palin would win the White House for McCain. I was floored. I mean, does McCain really think that just because he chose a woman that disgruntled Hillary fans will vote for him? Because if I read her bio right, Palin stands for nothing that Clinton stands for. To vote for Palin (and thus, hello! McCain!) simply because she is a woman is just as wrong as not voting for Obama because he is black. Well, half, anyway, but for some people, that's enough. There aren't any women stupid enough to fall for this type of blatant pandering. Right?

Friday Poll

Fever, stuffiness, headache. That's me in a nutshell, but life must go on. Luckily, I don't have to go to a job where I can potentially infect dozens of other people because that project HAS to get done. Just my own family and possibly Mr. P's teacher. Have you ever gone to work sick, knowing you shouldn't, but did anyway?

I'm Tired

I'm tired and I am finding that the public school system and I are not particularly compatible. Hmmm, it must be because I have an opinion of my own and am not afraid to voice it. Not in a bitchy way, but still letting people know if I agree or disagree. Apparently, people don't like hearing things they don't want to hear. Guess what? Too. Freaking. Bad. The principal of the school and I are not getting along. I have a feeling this year is not going to be pretty. And look at me, already being a rebel with my kid in school for about a month. It also helps when your sister is a teacher and she can tell you some of the stuff they shouldn't be able to get away with. It's gonna get ugly, my friends. Ugh. Not what I wanted at all. Um, and have I mentioned that Teeny Manolo is having a super-de-duper giveaway? And that all you have to do is write a winning haiku to get almost $200 in Stila makeup? And that there is also a runner-up? You have until Friday, so get

Music Monday

Thinking about that horrible/awesome Depeche Mode concert made me think about all the concerts I've been to. Many moons ago I made this list , and need to update it a bit, it seems. However, I am lazy and am just going to put up a video of one of my favorite 90's songs, of which there are not many. The 90's was a vast wasteland for me, musically speaking. I so hated the grunge thing. I hated Nirvana and hated Pearl Jam even more. But I really like the Foo Fighters, so go figure. This next song is one that I can just sort of quietly groove to and enjoy. It's a lost gem that people have forgotten since although the band wasn't quite a one-hit wonder, they were pretty close. The CD that this song is on is one I can listen to over and over again without getting tired of it. Oh, and in this video you can see Ms. Halle and Mr. Murphy, pre-Oscar in the movie Boomerang as this song was also on the soundtrack.

Friday Poll

So I'm cooking dinner and the phone rings. This happens a lot. And despite the fact that we are on the "do not call" list, I still get calls from fake agencies trying to sell me tickets to the "Fireman's Ball" or home improvement services or whatnot. This time it was home improvement. I told him that we aren't planning anything (lie, we need to redo our master bath) and that if I DID want any work done, it would be through my BIL, who is a contractor. "Oooooh," he replied, "The old brother in law is a contractor thing. OK ma'am." AS IF. AS IF to say I was lying. Well, I was only partially lying. My BIL does have a contractor's license, but he doesn't do home improvements. Still, the nerve. So tell me, have you ever lied to a salesperson on the phone?

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Depeche Mode Concert

This post is for my HLM Sunshine . I mentioned to her that seeing Depeche Mode in concert once as one of the best concerts I'd ever seen, but failed to mention that it was probably one of the most humiliating days of my life. Looking back I suppose I shouldn't have been all that surprised at what transpired that day, but I will tell you all what happened that fateful day at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. I had met over the summer the person who was to become my felon roommate . Ahh, why my stupid 20 year old self never questioned her friendship in this person, I will never understand. We did get along really well, for a while, anyway. Anyhoo, we were working together and she said she had an extra ticket to the Depeche Mode concert, and did I want to go with her and a bunch of her friends? Well of course I did! Who wouldn't? So we dressed in black and white, and took a totally awesome group picture where we all looked extremely hot, actually. If only I had a scanner...

Nobody's Stealing My Thunder

OMG! This is unprecedented! A post on Tuesday! I don't think this has happened in at least a month or maybe even two. Could I possibly be getting back into the groove of things? Probably not. Today Hubba-hubba and I decided to go see Tropic Thunder. We dropped Mr. P off to school and headed to the nearest movie theater, where the tickets are only four bucks for a matinee! Score! And it is actually a nice theater with stadium seating and with floors that only marginally adhere to the soles of your shoes. I know that there is a bit of protest surrounding a certain aspect of the film. The main character, in a futile Oscar bid, tries to play a mentally challenged man against his normal shoot 'em up type. I have to say that I understand both sides of the argument. Ben Stiller says that the ones he is making fun of are the actors that play mentally handicapped people in order to boost their careers, while the other side cries foul. Upon seeing the movie, there can be no doubt in

Music Monday

You know, I am just not one of those people who hears a song and says, "Oh my God, that is a total rip-off of such and such artist" or sniffs about how much it sounds like music from X era. I'm a simple girl, really. Do I like the beat? Do I like the singing? Well then, I will like the song no matter how much it may seem like another song or another era or whatever. Music does not exist in a vacuum, and there is no way that influences from other artists will never show up in a song. This song? It sounds very familiar to me for some reason, and yet it was released in 2007 by a band I'd never heard of before. This song grows on you, and has caused my whole family to dance around the living room. A true mark of a good song, says I. Boring video again, but the song was too good to not pass on. It sounds best really, really loud.

Friday Poll

The Friday Poll is late! Why? Because I keep forgetting that Blogger now allows you to post in advance. For some reason, my brain cannot wrap itself around that little fact. You know, the whole "can't teach an old dog new tricks" kind of thing. And, watching many of the Olympians and hearing their dates of birth, 1994, 1991, and so on makes me think, "My God, in 1994 I was almost graduated from college! Or well, would have been graduated if I hadn't been following the 8 year plan." Was there a first time you remember thinking to yourself, I'm old? Or perhaps the most recent time? And if you don't have an answer to this question, go away and play on your MySpace page.

Well Hello There

It's been a while, hasn't it? I am up because I am waiting for my enemy to surface. I went into the kitchen late last night, and there he was. What people like to be nice and call a "water bug" but let's be honest, it is just a large roach. Dude, I hate roaches. Bastard was just sort of strolling across my kitchen floor. Not a care in the world. A big one too, the kind that may or may not have wings or whatever. Completely disgusting. I don't care that there was a cute on in WALL-E, it wasn't cute enough for me to jump on the "I love roaches" bandwagon. Hubba-hubba likes to leave the door partly ajar as he gets the laundry out of the garage, and I KNOW it was him because I yelled at him as I caught him doing it last night Somehow this thing got into my house. I totally freaked. This morning, even though I was dead tired, I sanitized in every way possible and then went out and sprayed that bug spray with the cool "gun" type of app

Music Monday

Stupid DSL! It keeps just punking out on me with no warning. Thus I am working on things one moment, and the next the "line" is dead and my little ethernet box thingy is flashing red instead of green. Today I'm taking you back to 1978, when I was all of seven years old. My dad was a huge musical influence on me, and because of him, I grew up listening to all kinds of cool stuff. This song, which almost seems to me like two songs, was one of them. I'm probably the only person in the world who prefers the first half to the second half, though. And as a bonus because I am feelng particularly magnanimous, an extra Gerry song that I truly love as well. Boring vid, but minimize the screen and turn up the volume!

Friday Poll

All right, I think it's pretty clear which way I lean politically. But what about you? Are you planning on voting Democrat or Republican come November?

We Could Use Those Royalty Checks

The other night Hubba-hubba and I were sitting on the couch watching (what else?) television. On comes this commercial for a certain home excercise machine, complete with hunky guy. Hubba-hubba: Not again! Me: What? Hubba-hubba: There they go, using my photos again. Me: (snickering) Hubba-hubba: I need to have my lawyer send them another cease-and-desist. Me: (snickering even harder) Hubba-hubba: My beauty. It is indeed a curse.

The Fed is No Friend of Mine

Or yours, either. Unless you happen to be in Wall Street or a financial institution. Today, the Fed made the decision to keep a key interest rates unchanged. Why Gina, you ask, what does that mean to me? Well, it means that instead of looking out for the majority of the citizens of the United States, the Fed kept their friends in the banking and financial industries happy campers. Don't believe me? The Dow was up 331 points today. You see, by choosing to raise interest rates, the Fed would have taken a step to fighting the rising and alarming inflation that is affecting all of our pocketbooks. However, it needs to keep printing money to lend to all the banks and institutions such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and higher interest rates make that a lot harder. They are doing it under the guise of "stablizing" the real estate markets, but they are only interested in stablizing it for certain people. Namely the ones that have lost record amounts of money gambling (and lo

Music Monday

Ok, I seem to apparently have this thing for Christian bands, because last week's band was Christian, as is this one. The message is extremely subtle, though, and it doesn't mean they still can't rock out. I am of the opinion that if you had no information on them, you would never peg either of them for bands with a strong religious message/background. The Youtube I'm posting on this song is longer than the CD version, so there is a bit of slowing down towards the end. But, watch out at 6:13, as they totally pick up some steam! I also tend to not like live versions, but this one is really good, as I think they were using the performance as their video.