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You Know What I Forgot?

All the cute little noises that newborns make. She snorts, snuffles, meeps, and does all sorts of auditory gymnastics. She makes me feel all melty, for sure. And I have to say that Mr. P is a truly devoted big brother, who insisted that we not give her her first bath (the real one in the tub vs. sponge, that is) until he got home from school. It is a lovely and wonderful thing to see how much he cares about her, even as she is this sort of blobby thing that can barely move her own head. Did I mention that Mr. P has switched classrooms? It seems they felt he was a bit unchallenged in his former class, and he was moved into a 1-2 combo class where they seem to do a lot more independent work, as well as move faster along in the curriculum, as they are all high achievers. So, we will see if Mr. P can step up to the plate, or if he will resent having to actually work rather than coast. Also, there is an issue on the playground with a 3rd grader, one who has pushed Mr. P and other kids,

The New Addition Seems to be Working Out. I Think We'll Keep Her

Just a quick update for y'all. Our daughter was born healthy (7lbs 6 oz) and beautiful at 9:33 am on Thursday Nov. 5, a day that will live in the annals of Caesarian section history. I say that because the anesthesiologist himself told me that I set some sort of world record for vomiting during the entire procedure. Fun times. If you want to know the name we picked out, email me and I'll tell you. Think, uh, designer clothing label. Or a famous actress. But, it truly is the beginning of fun times. She is such a joy, such a good, good baby. Which I really think I deserved because I endured such hell with Mr. P. So, I am not too sleep deprived, Mr. P is a fantastic big brother, and all is good in my world right now. Thanks, Universe, for listening.

We Sold Our House

And I'm thinking I'm supposed to be happy about it. We got exactly the price we wanted and exactly the terms we wanted. Because if we hadn't we wouldn't have accepted the offer because you know, we've got a bit much going on over what with the imminent birth of Ms. P, which is short for Ms. Princess. Anyhoo. I'm actually pretty stressed out because it means we will have to find somewhere else to live by January 10. Ouch. Whether that is something we buy or rent remains to be seen. But just the thought of trying to look for a house with a newborn seems daunting. And I've already had lots of daunting things to overcome lately, and I'm just tired of overcoming things, you know? I just want to have everything handed to me on a silver platter, with absolutely no effort on my part. Universe, are you listening?