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10 Minute Blogging

All right, I've got ten minutes before I have to pick my daughter up from preschool. Let's see, what's going on?  Not too much different than previously, just even more running around since the period between September and the beginning of January always seems to be packed with too much to do and not enough time to do it. My son's enrichment program will be going to Europe at the beginning of June, so we've got that to look forward to, as one of us is required to accompany him since he is only 11.  When he turns 12, this will no longer be the case, so we have only this trip to get through before we won't have to spend thousands of dollars to fund ourselves.  Our son is subsidized heavily, the chaperone is not.   But I am determined that he will not miss this trip, as excursions like this are exactly why I wanted to homeschool. I'm looking for a part time job, and not even Disneyland wants to hire me.  That kind of hurts as they are very fond of hiring

Good Lord, Five Weeks?

If you had asked me how long it had been since I posted something on here, I would never have guessed it was five weeks ago.  Not that I have been doing anything supremely productive with my time, same crap different day type of stuff. During my unintentional hiatus, I attended a party.  A party thrown by experienced party-throwers, who had a kitchen to die for which includes a sink with a faucet that turns on with foot pedals underneath the cabinet (like hospital sinks) and said faucet that has LED lights inside of it.  Not to mention a six burner Viking range and a dining room table that comfortably fits twelve. Anyhoo, my kitchen envy is not the point here.  As the party was winding down, I was speaking with a fellow party attendee who I consider an acquaintance. The hostess was walking around to the different conversational clusters and asking if anyone would like coffee or tea. At first I answered in the affirmative for the tea, but then the host clarified that it was pe