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Well, it seems my daughter, at 2.5 years old, has been diagnosed with speech delay. Lovely. But seriously, it's been tough on all of us that she is unable to communicate her needs and wants to us.  She gets frustrated and angry because I don't know what she wants, I get frustrated and angry because I'm not a mind reader, and it just devolves from there. We started speech therapy today, but I am not pleased with the facility, so we are switching to another one.  My first impressions were pretty unfavorable, and I don't have time to dick around and see if they are truly any good or not.  The faster we can help her, the better. So why Gina, you ask, did you wait this long to get her help in the first place? Well, that's a hard one. First, the Munchkin had a very slight speech delay, but that was because if he couldn't say things perfectly, he wasn't going to say them at all.  We went from grunting one day to "I'd like some water" the