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At Last...

Most people are shocked to hear that we co-slept (well, one of us at a time, anyway) with our then 3 year old for pretty much her entire life, except for the first nine months. Which is weird, because usually it's kind of the other way around. It partly had to do with her sleep disorder/sensory processing disorder and her developmental delays.  When she was an infant, we would put her in one of those infant swing things, where she would doze for hours and hours in blissful sleep.  We were thrilled!  If only everything could be so easy!  She hated sleeping any other way.  What we didn't realize at the time that this was the first sign of her SPD, the fact that swinging in that swing calmed her so thoroughly and instantaneously.  We just thought we lucked out in the infant sleeping department. For the record, Mr. P hated the infant swing we had gotten as a gift.  It went unused in a corner for months. Then, little lady grew too big for the damn swing.  We kept putting her

Why Obamacare Sucks

I'll let you in on a little secret, I DO NOT LIKE the Affordable Care Act.  I only called it Obamacare in the title because I wanted people to get confused for a second.  "Wait, what, Gina the liberal Democrat has a problem with health care coverage for many?" And yes, Virginia, I do have a problem with health coverage for many. Because dammit, it isn't health coverage for ALL.  I want a freaking single-payer system and I want it now.  I want all the idiotic Republicans who keep talking shit about the Affordable Care act to SHUT UP and face the fact that it is essentially a Republican blueprint for healthcare.  I remember a few summers ago when the Democrats were going to try to push a single-payer bill through Congress before the recess and I knew, I just knew, that they were going to blow it.  That because the Democratic party does not vote in lockstep with each other, they would wind up killing their own bill.  And sure enough, they did, and now we have t

He Married Up, For Sure

Despite being a wonderful father in all other respects, my husband has a blind spot when it comes to dressing my daughter and getting her ready to go somewhere.  He claims that it is difficult.  He claims that he has no idea how to put her hair in a simple ponytail.  And, if recent events are any indication, he seems to think that pants are up for debate. As for picking an outfit, I have two main drawers for her clothing.  One has shirts, and the other, shockingly, has bottoms.  Many of them are coordinating outfits, but in a pinch, is it really that hard to look at two items of clothing and see if they match in coloring?  The way he talks about it, it is indeed rocket science to pick out matching and weather-appropriate clothing. He also refuses to attempt to comb her hair (which is fine and long) and make any attempt at putting it into even the simplest of styles.  My God man, it is 2013, there are entire websites created to teach people how to do hair!  You could watch hours and