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School, Schmool

If you haven't read me lately at my other blog, then this will be the first time you find out that I am now homeschooling the Munchkin. This was a fairly agonizing decision, and my family (especially my sister, the teacher) fought me every step of the way. Even though I've been doing it for almost a month and a half now, my sister refuses to speak to me about it. Anything having to do with school or homeschool is verboten with her. Boo to that, I say. But that isn't really what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to vent. Because isn't that what blogs are really all about? A place to vent? Now, anyone who's ever met the Munchkin knows that he is a very smart boy. His former teachers thought so too, and recommended that he be tested for the gifted and talented education program in our district. Great, exactly what I was hoping for because damn, homeboy was really starting to hate school. He was bored as hell, and due to the class size increase and the fact

Welcome, Bienvenue

Well, most of you know that I have been writing for the Orange County Metblogs for the last five years or so. Good lord, has it really been that long? For whatever reason, unbeknownst to us lowly writers, the powers that be that ran (and yes, the past tense is deliberate) the site could not make it work and so have shut down the entire network. So, all of my writing, poof! Gone! I didn't even have time to save my stuff that was on there because, hello, I barely have enough time to write, much less sit there and copy and paste all five hundred or so of my posts. Boo. But, one of my former Metblogs colleauges and I are possibly cooking up something new for ourselves, which doesn't require us to stick to someone else's (rather arbitrary) rules about what we can or can't write about. I'm excited (not just because I love parenthesis, apparently) because it's been a while since I was excited to write about where I live. I so LOVE living here, and I've always t