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In Memoriam

You know, I'm a liberal. Not what I would call a "bleeding heart" but fairly close. And you know what? Liberals appreciate the sacrifices made by the people in our armed forces every bit as much as any red-stater. Don't even think otherwise. So to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, thank you from the bottom of my blue heart.

Bono Hates Me

U2 is one of my all-time favorite bands. My BIL, you should know, is six feet, three inches tall. The last time I saw U2, it was the nineties. The Popmart tour, I believe. I'd seen the ZooTV tour as well, but little did I know it would be almost fifteen years until I would see them again. I don't remember why I couldn't see them in 2001, and in 2006 we had scheduled a trip to San Francisco on the exact same weekend they were here. U2 was also here last October, but that was a mere seven days before I was due to give birth, so we didn't think it was really wise to buy tickets. So of course I find out today that due to Bono's back surgery (sorry, Bono!)they have canceled the American leg of their tour. Because apparently, the universe just does not want me to see U2. My sister tried to console me. She said that she would set up her big, fifteen by fifteen foot outdoor screen in the back yard. She would rent a U2 concert DVD and play it for me. She would also char

You've Got Voicemail

So I recently got a new cell phone, and with it, a new number. Well, new to me, anyway. However, it seems as if the person who possessed the number before me got rid of it because she was getting chased by so many creditors/old boyfriends/holistic health colleges and the like that she chose to move on. And lucky me was the next recipient. When I first got the phone, I would get about ten or fifteen calls and texts a day, all to "Stephanie." I never answered the phone, because I hadn't even given the number out to anyone yet, and I knew it wasn't for me. The calls and texts have somewhat tapered off, but yesterday someone from a place that sounded suspiciously like Stephanie's place of employment called and left a message. That's when I decided to change the voicemail on the phone from the standard computerized message to a personalized one. And it goes a little bit like this: Hi, you've reached a phone number that is no longer Stephanie's. Stephanie ch

Retinol Ruined My Life. Sort of.

Now I know that this post may be TMI for some, but I have to share this with people because the fact is, my anti-wrinkle cream just ruined the last three days of my life. You see, I'm turning forty next year and I looked in the mirror and said, "Oh shit!" Years of sunbathing without much sunblock have definitely taken a toll on my skin, even though at age 32 or so, I swore off tanning and wear sunblock and hats pretty religiously. Still, I had at least 12 years of hardcore sun under my epidermis, and it was showing. So I read through the reviews on Sephora (my crack provider) and chose Philosophy's Save Me. It had high ratings, and I know that Philosophy is a good brand. I ordered it online because who the hell has time to shop at a Sephora store? I received it, and started using it right away because dude, I needed help. It was about that time when Ms. P began being crabby. Whiny, non-sleepy crabby. The kind of crabby that drives you up and wall and then makes y