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Last week, it was my turn to be "snack mom" for my son's volleyball team. Turned out that he was too sick to play that day (as has been the story of our lives since December) but we only live about ten minutes away from the gym, so I called the coach on Friday to let him know we would still be delivering the snacks despite Mr. P's illness. It was shaping up to be a hot day, so I had the bright idea to put the Gatorades into the freezer to give them a really nice coolness. Except I wasn't feeling all that great, and fell asleep. Which meant that the Gatorades stayed in the freezer a bit too long, and wound up being sort of frozen. Not completely frozen, but very close. I let them sit on the counter for an hour before Hubba-hubba left to take them, but I wasn't sure if it had been enough. When he got back, we all decided that it was warm enough that those semi-frozen Gatorades would hit the spot perfectly. And I admit, it took quite a bit of poki

Hey There Ho There

Small doses today. -I don't know what minor, easily-annoyed god I have angered, but man, we cannot stop getting sick over here.  Poor baby girl went to the ER last Tuesday because the advice nurse didn't like the sound of her four days of high fever, vomiting, and facial rash.  There's a meningococcal outbreak warning in these here parts, and I KNOW that's what she thought it was, because it had crossed my mind as well.  So, instead of making a possibly large mistake by not taking her, we made only a small mistake in taking her, as all she apparently had was a virus. Which of course, she promptly gave to the rest of us. - I find it very strange that two of the most violent children who live in our area have been girls.  Should I find it strange?  I mean physically violent and making threats like, "I'm going to kill you" and things like that.  Has happened to my son more than once, which is disturbing no matter who does it to him. - I was THAT mom a

The Dastardly Easter Plot

Scene: Miss P's preschool, staff sitting around table Teacher: So, how do you think we should punish the parents for Easter this year? Aide 1: (raising hand) Oh, I know, I know!  Let's give them something breakable as a craft! Aide 2: (laughing) Yeah, let's give them something made out of glass! How about DIY "snowglobes?" Teacher: Glass for special needs kids?  What a great idea! I wish I'd thought of that. Aide 1: How about we even make it all slippery, coated with the baby oil we need for the inside!  We won't wipe it off or anything, or even make sure the lid is closed all the way! Teacher: (cackling) And to top it off, we won't even TELL them their preschooler has a breakable item in their backpack! They'll never know what hit them! Aide 2: You, madam, are a genius. Cut to Gina's house Gina: Oh honey, why don't you show me the eggs you got during your egg hunt at school today? Miss P: I open backpack! I open backpac


Because I just don't have enough for longform. On Saturday I ran into the woman who was my first boss.  She gave me a hug and said, "Oh, you were always one of my favorites!"  And indeed I was, as she also was the person to give me my first promotion.  She told me, twice, that when I was ready to work part time to call her and she would hire me on the spot.  I guess that doesn't say much for the current crop of people working for her. My daughter managed, about two hours before we left for my sister's house (long story there, I guess) for Easter, to give herself a huge cut right underneath her nose.  I'm talking about an inch and a half long and half an inch wide.  She found out the hard way that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, courtesy of a bucket handle.  Hmmm, probably long story there, too. A neighbor a few houses down from us has a large cross that fits around their doorbell.  I find this intriguing.  I would never have thought to p