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Erm, this is awkward. How does this thing work again? It is sad that days go by before I even think about updating this blog, and you've got my daughter to thank for it. My freakishly tiny daughter. You see, we took her for her six month checkup (uhhh, late, as in she was seven months and three weeks old) and they did the whole measurement thingy dingy, what with the body length, head circumference, and weight. And guess what? My daughter should apparently be joining the preemie gang. She is sixth percentile in weight, ninth percentile in height, and thirteenth percentile for head circumference. Now the funny thing is, if you were to see myself and Hubba-hubba, you would think there would be no way such large people could in any way be related to such a tiny child, much less be the parents. Mr. P? He was in the ninety-fifth percentile or above for everything his entire life, so it seems my daughter is a statistical anomaly of sorts. Maybe it is because she is still being breastfed?