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Friday Poll

You thought it was gone forever, didn't you? Well, so did I for a while, there. I've been watching with increasing alarm the debates over revamping the health care sytem that are ocurring in the House and Senate. At first I was confident, because the dude in charge in the House is Henry Waxman, a kick-ass guy if there ever was one, and one of the few politicians I actually trust. He comes from the LA area, and has always been as honest as a politician can possibly be expected to be. But then came the Republicans and the Blue Dogs and all the other jerks who are looking to screw over people in favor of the wealthy and powerful health insurance lobby. And listen, anyone who doesn't think the government should have a part in healthcare should renounce their right to Medicare THIS VERY SECOND. And yes, old people who are croaking about "socialism," I'm talking to YOU. Argh. It raises my stress level, it does. Do you think there should be a public option in th

Music Monday

There's been lots going on in Gina-land, I've just been too busy/distracted/stressed to write about it. We have totally lost our minds and have decided to sell our place. Er, the bad news is that we need to be out before the baby comes (due on approximately 11/12/09) and in another place by then. So yeah, six months pregnant and getting ready to put a house on the market! I am indeed certifiable, I know. But, I figured it would be much easier to show the house sans bebe , what with diapers and feedings and nap schedules. Whether we own or rent that place remains to be seen, as we now know after eight years of homeownership that it isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Especially since we only have one main income, and thus the tax breaks are pretty much negligible. If we can find something within the right timeframe, great. If not, I'm not averse to renting for a bit. The last thing I want to do is to say, "I've got thirty days to find and buy my

Music Monday

Oh bloggity blog blog, how I hath forsaken thee! It has been crazy busy around here, what with time off for Hubba-hubba and hanging with friends, as well as my teenaged cousins being here from Arizona, which causes all of us to do many "touristy" things we wouldn't normally do. Or even just get out of the house more often than we normally would, becauase we want them to be happy, and teenagers are happy to go shopping and the beach and pretty much where ever you want to take them. So, still too much going on, although I have gotten a nice burst of energy just in time for the girls' arrival. I can actually do more than lay on my bed and moan. Kidding, I would just lay on the bed, minus the moaning part. Most of the time. Mr. P begins camp this week, and for the next three weeks he will be spending a blissful four hours a day hiking and making crafts and whatever the hell else they do at camp. He loves it, although it is going to be damn hot, so I hope they modify