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Happy Thanksgiving!

May you encounter no unpleasant surprises this Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all the people, nay, friends , who take the time to read my inconsequential natterings. You are appreciated more than you know.

Bonus Music Monday

If you didn't watch it last night, the Colbert Christmas Special was pretty funny. I think this was the best song of the night, and it's the most lascivious song you'll ever hear about a spice. The setup is that Stephen Colbert has offered John Legend a cup of eggnog, but doesn't have any nutmeg to sprinkle on it.

Music Monday

I'm late with this song, I've liked it since I heard it months ago...

Friday Poll

When I was 19 and working for Parks and Rec, I met a guy. We'll call him Dave. Dave and I became good friends working together, although always platonic, no romantic vibes whatsoever. Eventually he got married and so did Hubba-hubba and I, who also knew him through work, and we would all hang out. Time passed, kids were born, and yet we always found the time to hang out together a few times a year, whether it be dinner or birthday parties. So basically, I've known the one half of the couple for almost twenty years, and the both of them for at least fifteen. Over the summer, you might remember our washing machine went out. Unfortunately, the day we had to go get a new one was the First Communion of the eldest daughter of the couple above. We were going to go to the "reception" portion at their house afterwards, something they said wasn't fancy and no big deal. So in the morning, I called and explained our circumstances and begged their forgiveness for not b


Heaven knows I am horrible at doing memes. I was often tagged in the past, and then would completely forget to do it, thus causing righteous annoyance on the part of the tagger, so I just sort of stopped doing them altogether. And people stopped tagging me, so all was fine. But, along comes the intrepid Paige over at Paradise Valley 2 . And because I lurve Paige, I will do the meme. 1. It is your lucky day what are you going to do? 2. What was the game you played as a child that you almost always or always did win? 3. You get to meet anyone from the past or present who will it be? 4. When you relax what is it that you do? 5. What is your favorite number? 6. What was the name of your favorite childhood toy? 7. If you could name the next fashion fade/craze what would it be? 1. Go shopping and then out to lunch. And have money with which to do so. 2. Pitfall . It was an old Atari game where you were an Indiana Jones-like character. You would jump over logs and crocodiles and swing

Music Monday

You can go here to read about my weekend. And now, for a song that always makes me sad when I hear it.

Friday Poll

The other day I met a good friend of mine for lunch at a local joint. And even though they serve fabulous food, you order up at a counter, put your little number on the table, and someone will bring you your food. But, it's up to you to get your own drink and condiments. We stayed for a long time, and upon pulling out of the parking lot, I realized neither of us had left a tip. But, should we have? Do you tip at restaurants that only deliver the basics?

Thank You

I had the privilege of working on a resarch study being done by the Pentagon a few years back, and hopefully I am not breaking the confidentiality clause I signed by stating that we were talking to veterans of the first Gulf War. I was impressed by their humility and sincerity, and overall, their acceptance of their mission to serve the United States, no matter what the personal cost. And from some of the stories I heard, for some the cost was far greater than most people would be able to bear. Ladies and gentlemen, it was an honor to speak with you. I will never forget you, nor any one else who has chosen to serve their country so nobly.

Music Monday

We got some babysitting this weekend, and what did we do? Well, one of the things was to go see Zack and Miri Make a You-know-what. I don't want to fill that in for creepy people trawling the internets. Seriously, when I have to delete the spam from my WordPress blog, I feel like I need to take a shower afterwards. This song was on the end credits for the movie, and I had completely forgotten about it. Which sums up the song nicely, catchy but totally forgettable. And the movie is totally crude and filthy, yet has a very sweet message, so it's a bit schizo. It was cute, but definitely not the best movie I've ever seen. Sigh.

Friday Poll

Did you like going to school?

Oh My...

I'm going to be honest with you. I cried. I cried during the first part of Barack Obama's acceptance speech. I cried because I was so proud that our country was able to put race aside and vote for the best person for the job. I cried because of the legacy of hope that African Americans in this country now feel. I cried because for eight freaking years I felt hopeless and beat down. Like our country was going backwards and there was not a damn thing I could do to stop it. I cried because I believe that my son will be growing up in a society that is truly on its way to being color blind. I cried for what Obama must be feeling, the unbelievable high of winning the presidency, and the horrific low of losing someone so very close to him just yesterday. I cried because I was so happy that we finally have someone in the White House who is such a skillful orator. There is something to be said for not mispronouncing words and actually knowing what all of them mean. Do I think that h

Music Monday (cough, cough)

After almost a month of hacking up crap out of my lungs, I decided to go to the doctor. I didn't want to, but Hubba-hubba and my sister were clucking incessantly at me, so I went. Freaking waste of time. "Your lungs are crystal clear!" she chirped. Oh really, then where the heck is all this green stuff coming from? She was shocked, shocked to learn I hadn't been treating the cough. I asked her, with what? An expectorant, when I am already totally expectorating? So that I can cough five hours a day instead of three? And it has been proven that cough supprressants don't work. She tsked at me disapprovingly. Well, she said, the stuff has to be coming from somewhere. Have I experienced any heartburn, or acid reflux? Not at all, was the reply. I have never had heartburn in my life. Well, she was going to prescribe me an antacid-y drug anyway. Uh, well, you can prescribe it to me, but it doesn't mean I'm going to take it. Oh, and why not just have