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Lucky Me

All right, so I didn't get checked in to the hospital the other day, so give a big sigh of relief with me. But, I escaped from the hospital in order to have THIS happen to me: Our house is up for sale. We have, like 99% of people who have their house on sale, a lock box on our gate. Lately, asswipe realtors have been showing up at our door without calling first, which is specified in the listing that all realtors have access to. Some beeyotch showed up without warning and wanted to show my home in 10 minutes. I kept having a bad feeling about something. I didn't know what, but it was definitely realtor related. So I was taking a shower, like 99% of all people. I had brought the phone in the bathroom with me, because I was paranoid about missing a call from what I will now term "goddamn realtors." I open the bathroom door when I am done, only to hear a male voice calling out, "Hellooo!" I screech and go "Oh my god, who ARE you?" Male voice, "

Here We Go Again??

Well, last night my defective gallbladder started to act up again, and I tried to ignore it as best as I could. Because the last thing I want to do is go back to the damn hospital. But. Then I did some resarch, and all of it said in big or italicized letters " You need to get medical attention " or " ignore the pain at your own peril " and that type of crap. So I'm about to leave to labor and delivery where they will take samples of various bodily fluids and poke me and prod me like a cow. Fantastic. Let's hope I'm back home by later this afternoon, shall we?

We're Personal Friends Of Mickey, Don't You Know?

My family and I were lucky enough to be invited guests to Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party being held on select nights this October at California Adventure. We visited on October 2, and luckily, it wasn't too crowded and the weather was just right. My son, dressed in his "most intimidating knight costume we were able to find on the internet" was of course, extremely excited to be there. When we entered the park, we were handed some trick-or-treat bags and right away, Disney gets you into the ahem, spirit of things. The giant sun wheel above the fountain had cool light projections on it, and it presided over a fun, DJ'd dance party. Also entertaining were the whirling projections being cast on the ground, which all the kids were either sort of freaked out by, or jumping on. There wasn't really a whole lot of in-between. Treat stations were set up all over the park, and the lines for some were quite long, but the staff tried their best to keep the times down.