Saturday, November 22, 2014

Same Old, Same Old

I am always shocked, shocked I tell you, at how long I go between blog posts.

I used to be so paranoid that I would go a day without posting and then what would the universe possibly do without my contribution?

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving, but I have decided that the four of us are going to do our own thing, probably the beach in the morning and maybe barbeque something and eat out on the patio with the twinkle lights on in the evening.  We don't normally eat on the patio, so it will definitely be something out of the ordinary.

There is no real reason we don't eat there, mostly to do with my daughter and how she is only now entering a phase where we don't feel we have to watch her every single second she is outside.  Not that she doesn't still get into trouble, but she has a better sense of what can and can't hurt her now, so we feel comfortable taking our eyes off of her for a few minutes here and there.

We have scheduled another developmental assessment for her, which should help us greatly in identifying behaviors that are related to her disorder.  Sometimes it is difficult to know how to discipline her when we are unsure if the behaviors are technically beyond her control at this point or if she is just messing with us.  She will get better as she continues to get older, but I fear it is a longer slog than we originally thought.

The Big Freeze is still going.  I have no reason to believe that it will end anytime soon, so this is going to be the new normal, I guess.  I actually went and talked to a therapist, as my workplace offers the service for free.  I told her about how my family has treated my family and me throughout the years, and she said that it was a good thing to have cut them out at this point. So, it was nice to get a completely unbiased opinion, as those are very difficult to find.  Of course the argument could be made that I was feeding her biased information, but I really did try to keep it as unembellished as possible.  I didn't even tell her some of the worst things!

So, we continue soldiering on, bracing ourselves for Christmas.  I've already gotten invitations to parties I can't attend. So yay?  At least I was invited?  Trying to look on the bright side here.


Anvilcloud said...

Thanks for posting. Many of us are not posting like we used to. It's nice to hear from you. Glad you guys are making some progress on the home front.

Nance said...

Oh, Gina. Sometimes family is the worst thing in our lives. It comes with so much baggage: The Past, The Obligation, The Emotions, and all of that Pressure Of How It's Supposed To Be, every time we look at media, listen to stories, or talk to others who tell us, "Hey! That's YOUR FAMILY! You'll be sorry...!" I know because I went through it all intensely with Rick's family years ago.

I'm glad you're seeing a therapist to help support you and to simply have someone to talk it out with who isn't part of it all.

I think your immediate concerns are plenty to keep you occupied without all of the rest fragmenting your focus. Here's to a lovely Patio Thanksgiving under the lights. Enjoy it.

J said...

Some family is what it's all about, and make things worthwhile. Some family should be jettisoned out of an airlock into dark, cold outer space. It's helpful to have an unbiased third party to hear you, isn't it?

Have a fabulous and relaxing Thanksgiving, Gina.

And regarding the blogging, yeah. I used to have trouble keeping it to one post a day. Now I'm having trouble coming up with two posts a month. It's sad.