San Francisco, Here We Come...

Yesterday, we bought the tickets that ensured our trip to SF. Airline tickets, you say? No, baseball tickets.

You see, I have explained before that Hubba-hubba is a die-hard Yankees fan. Not the johnny-come-lately fan when they were winning in the late nineties, but since he was a young boy of 12. Which is even more interesting because he has absolutely no ties to New York and is a California native. Go figure the ways of the universe.

The SF Giants are playing the NY Yankees for the first time since their meeting in the World Series in 1950-something. And as AT&T Park is probably THE most beautiful place to watch a ballgame in the world, we just had to to go.

And factor in that we haven't had a vacation in a looooong time, and that made it seem like a really good idea as well.

Oh, and did I mention that unless I somehow had a bad dream, we decided to sell our place ASAP? Don't ask.


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