In This Case, it Does Not Rhyme With...

Do you remember the few episodes of Bugs Bunny that featured a cackling, crazy haired witch? Her name was Witch Hazel, and the episodes were all about her trying to obtain Bugs Bunny parts to use as spell components. The two things I remember the most about her were her voice and her hair.

Her hair would crack me up, because as she flew on her broomstick, her hair would be crazy all over the place, and every time she moved, little pins and hairs would fly out of her head.

As I grow older, I am quite dismayed to notice that suddenly, she and I have the same hair.

It didn't used to be this way. My hair is fine, but I have lots of it. It has never been stick straight, but it doesn't qualify as wavy, either. It has usually been quite obedient, and I have never spent the morning cursing my hair and it's lack of ability to do what I wanted.

But lately, it has been turning into an entirely different animal, if you will. It is frizzy looking, and full of tiny flyaway hairs that bother me to no end. No matter what I put on it, they refuse to lie flat. Some of it may be due to the fact that through my hypothyroidism, I lost quite a bit of hair, and now that I am finally growing it back, the ones coming in are seemingly all brittle grays.

My hair is very long, down to my mid-back, and I have always sworn that if it ever begins to look as if I just woke up even though I just spent a half hour grooming it, that I would release my vanity and cut it. There is no point in having long hair if it doesn't look well-kept. And the thing is, I really do keep my hair up with twice-weekly deep conditionings and fairly expensive shampoos, conditioners, and hair products. It just hasn't been cooperating lately.

And I must be losing my sense of humor, because my reflection in the mirror, with its uncanny resemblance to Ms. Hazel, is failing to crack even a smile.


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