Drama Queen

So my husband has accused me of being a drama queen about these past few days.

Well I'm sorry that a fire that has burned something like 7,000 acres happened to flare up right next to the city I live in, but what am I supposed to do? Ignore it?

There was no ignoring that fire last night by our house, that's for sure.

That being said, for the original, large fire the only danger we probably really faced was smoke inhalation. I was never really worried about our house catching on fire, it would have had to burn through thousands of homes before it made it here.

But there is something strange that happens to you when such a large disaster is going on right by you, and people you know are being told to leave their homes, and they are shutting schools down. Or perhaps I should say, something strange happens to me.

It has come out that the Fire Department itself started the large wildfire. They were doing back burns (which is something that normally prevents fires from occurring near cities) and they believe that some roots may have been hot enough to ignite after the humidity disappeared, the temperatures soared, and the Santa Ana winds kicked up.

Sometimes, what can you do for trying?

The bottom line is that no one got hurt and people were inconvenienced for one or two days.

I'll take an inconvenience any day over a catastrophe.

Yeah, and can you say 90 degrees in February?



Suzanne said…
What's wrong with being a drama queen when you are in the middle of a dramatic situation?

I think you played it just right.

Liz said…
I think I'd be a major drama queen if I could see fire and smoke out my door! I'd be worried if you didn't feel a bit of drama!!
... Paige said…
{bows & curties} to your highness. I would have been spraying the house with a water hose. Glad all are ok
Anvilcloud said…
Ninety there. Five here right now.
Dani said…
90 degrees? Wow, it's about 20 here and we're getting a snow storm this weekend.

Personally, I can't imagine going through this. Seeing smoke on the horizon and then actual flames. No drama queen are you!
Gina said…
Paige, I forgot to mention- welcome!

And again, thanks to all for your good thoughts.
red fish said…
I felt the same way when there was a big forest fire in Los Alamos in 2000. We lived far enough away that I wasn't too worried about our house, but stepping out of our front door to watch a massive fire was daunting. It is definately not overreacting.

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