Broken Record

Usually, Mr. Personality is a great little guy to spend the day with. But today, I just wanted to rip my hair out. He just would not listen to me.

Now, I already have this problem with hubby. I am forced to constantly repeat myself to him, he "forgets" things constantly. Like most males, he claims to be detail oriented, but really he is only oriented on the things that he thinks are important, not the other 94% that occur in daily life.

So today when I had to ask Mr. Personality 5 times or more to put the caps back on his markers, to put his blocks away, to not play with his pizza just eat it for goodness sake, to not throw every piece of lint he saw in the trashcan, to not shove the markers into one of his toys where they will go in but not come out without the aid of a Phillips screwdriver, to not step on my newspaper, to not step in the deep puddle of water at the park, I just wanted to shriek a little.

For the most part, I kept my cool. I almost always prefaced with a "please" but was less than thrilled to get a "no thank you" in response to my request (which sounds like "no sink you"). I realized that he didn't have a good nap, and that can pretty much ruin the rest of the day when that happens. For some reason, he didn't believe that I was going to take his favorite toy away when he wouldn't put the damn marker caps on, and he seemed fairly surprised when I took it and put it completely out of reach. I always follow through with my threats of taking things away, or giving him a time out, so the lack of sleep must really have fogged his brain.

But, the good part is that he was down for bed early and I refuse to end this day with the laundry that needs to be folded. That just cannot be the capper to this day, as I am sure hubby will understand, if he even hears my excuse.


Gina said…
hubby says I understand "one" day of no laundry folding, but what about all the other days??? lol
Gina said…
Ha, ha, isnt' he cute! So I hate folding laundry, who sits there and claps their hands with joy at the piles of laundry that need to be folded? :) Love ya, babe...

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