Saturday, January 13, 2007

Now Even More Proof

I was tagged by Boogiemum to do the six weird things meme, and even though I already did it a while ago, there is no shortage of weirdness about me, so here you go:

1) When items in my house that are supposed to be shiny are not, it bugs me. Like, the faucets in the bathroom. Both are made out of some kind of highly relfective silver substance. If I happen to look down and see water splotches or, like today, shaving cream blobs, it annoys me. Lest anyone think I am some sort of clean freak, I don't always necessarily do anything about it right then and there, but I notice and inwardly cringe. Same thing goes for things like mirrors and even my tile counter.

2) I need to sit up straight. My days of lounging on beanbags or throw pillows and such are loooong gone. I also need back support. If I have to sit somewhere that has no back support, I get crabby. I know, I get crabby a lot, but that makes me especially crabby.

3) Since I have blonde hair and blue eyes, my preferred metal of choice for jewelry used to be gold. It was gold for my entire life. That is, until I got my engagment ring, which just so happens to be platinum. I cannot bring myself to mix gold and "silver" metals on my person. So, it's either one or the other. And as I wear my wedding band and engagement ring always, I never wear the ooodles of gold jewelry that I have and have had to go out and buy silver stuff instead.

4) I don't like sitting next to people in the movie theater. I have no idea why. Perhaps it is because it means I can't put my arm on the armrest on the side they are sitting. And if they are chewing something and making lots of noise, I really don't like it. Oh, and we like to sit in the very first row of the stadium theaters. Not the regular seats, but where the stadium ones start. More legroom and I can hook my feet on the bars.

5) I dislike vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt. I will only eat it if it has some type of sauce or topping. And even then, I would rather have something else.

6) Most parents, when they want their kids to know they are in trouble, will usually use their first, middle and possibly, last names to call them. Not me. If I am highly displeased with Mr. Personality, I will call him "dude." Living in Southern California and fairly close to the beach, I may have forever doomed him from becoming a surfer.

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