Friday, April 14, 2006

6 Things About Me, Now Your Life is Complete

So I have been tagged by Broomin' YaYa over at Beyond the Broom. It is the lovely "6 Weird Things About Myself" one that every time I have read it at someone else's blog, I have wondered what the heck I would say if I was tagged.

Here goes:

1. I have absolutely no compulsion to match my bras to my underwear. I could care less. Pink bra, green underwear, it's all the same...

2. I will not eat fruit (except for a banana) unless it is very, very cold. I think this can be traced back to my lunches in grade school.

3. I have written about this before, but for those of you who don't know, I like to have people take their clothes off when they come to my house.

4. I intensely dislike plain water.

5. I don't like anyone watching me when I go through my bedtime routine.

6. I will do whatever it takes to avoid wearing pantyhose.

And if you can't run fast enough, consider yourself tagged!


Trabinski said...

Haa. Loved learning these very interesting things! :)

Glad you noticed you were tagged. I was delinquent in making sure everyone knew - Shrink was all "I'm starting the movie - now!" :)

Hope said...

Panty hose are torture devices. I'm with ya ay avoiding at all cost.

Elizabeth said...

Well, it's a damn good thing you're not in the military...

Terrorist 1: Now you will talk!
Gina: Never!
Terrorist 2: I should get electric shock now, yes?
Gina: Do your worst!
Terrorist 1: NO! No electric shock. Hmmmm. Nooo. How about...make her eat WARM ORANGE!
Gina: Noooooo! I'll tell you everything!

Mega Mom said...

I kept thinking we had a bunch in common. Then I got to #3. You are just really weird.

And #4? That is all I drink.

#5? I open the blinds and let the neighbors watch too. :))))

I know you aren't in the Midwest, but do I have to say "I'm just kidding"?

Granny said...

Just went back and read your earlier post about clothes. Sounds like you got some idiots in the comments (deleted) and I'm sorry. No one deserves that.

Different strokes. I'm pretty casual about germs except for my cooking areas and there I'm careful about prep and cleanup.

We're working on the shoes off and if they come in filthy, they change before they touch anything (if I can catch them first). I don't worry about regular soil that everyone picks up.

If we knew what was on our skin at all times, we'd never get out of the shower. I've seen some pictures (magnified) that made me go yuck.

I just choose not to think about it too much.

Gina said...

Actually Ann, I got lucky and it was just spammers. That was in the time period before word verification was put in. As I only had about 7 readers at the time, no flak!

But, as Mega Mom pointed out, I am just a freak. ;)

Liz said...

I honestly never thought about the stuff we sit on in public. That's a new one for me. I still probably won't make people take their clothes off though except...hmmm...maybe a couple people come to Nevermind.

I drink a lot of plain water and I like my fruit room temperature. Can we still be friends?

Dawn said...

I just did a google search for 6 things about me and yours was the first result. Glad to know I have been tagged lol, I have been wanting to do this one for awhile.