Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Attack of the Playdates!

So, about this time last week, I was wondering what was wrong with me. You may remember this little interaction with David's mom. Well, that was a long time ago, and she still hadn't called.

Was it me? Did I smell? Was she offended that my coral-colored lipgloss clashed terribly with my plum-colored pants?

Every day, I would bat away Mr. Personality's insistent questions on when he would be playing with David. Conveniently enough, I just began pawning it off on David's mom. Well, honey, I would say in my most sugary voice, David's mommy hasn't called me back. I'm all about shifting the blame, you know.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday, the call came. I was like a giddy schoolgirl finding out her secret crush was on the phone. I was a little too loud, a little too revealing, and probably just sounded stupid. She seems like a very low key person. And if you were to ever meet me in person, low key is not the first description that springs to your mind. It's somewhere down there with "erudite" and "svelte." It turns out her mother had been in town visiting from another country for the past two weeks, and then she had gotten the flu. Thus, lack of phone call was not due to my poor choice of color combinations after all.

Despite her most likely being a little scared of me, we agreed to have a playdate sometime next week, depending on the weather. Great!

Then I remembered, oh, I have already scheduled a playdate with another friend on Wednesday. Ah well, the more the merrier, I say. Can a child ever have too many playdates? I posed it as a rhetorical question to myself at the time.

As I was picking up Mr. Personality from school today, another one of the mothers approached me and asked if I would be interested in having- you guessed it- a playdate next week!

We went from being the wallflowers waiting anxiously by the punchbowl to being crowned the equivalent of prom royalty in the space of a couple of days. I"m new to all of this, and it's a bit much. No, no, not the crown and sash, those are fine. Just the sudden realization that it is only probably going to get much, much worse.

If next week is any indication of Mr. Personality's upcoming social life, I'm going to need to run out and get him his own day planner. And maybe make an adjustment to that crown, or it's going to fall off.

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