Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So leave it to Fisher-Price to make an aquatically themed toy that does not translate into actual water play in any way. The little men sink, the submarine sinks, the little jetpod sinks. But the dumb "cliff face" or whatever, floats. Aaaargh!

And my lovely husband, never knowing my secret addiction, until recently, to See's Candy bought me guess what for Valentine's Day. Double aaaargh!

But I once read that is not possible to gain more weight on your body than the actual volume of what you ate. Let us hope this is true.

Do you know that I got a pat on the shoulder from Fabio, my son's young Euro-trash soccer coach?

Yeeeeaaaaah, Gina's still got it!

Just kidding. Italian men generally like curves on a woman, but my curves are more spherical in nature than normal, so I don't think it was that.

Where is the laundry folding fairy and what do I have to do to get her to come to my house?

Of all the things that make my blood boil, hypocrisy causes actual steam to come out of my ears. To me, the Republican party is composed of nothing but. Lately my resemblance to a teakettle has been rather striking.

Please don't hate me because I am listening to Michael Jackson on my iPod right now. He has exactly two songs that I like, and I got one of them.

Ok, I'll hate myself for you.


Liz said...

When you are done with the laundry fairy, could you send her my way, please? I may have a bit of trouble sending her back though because, you know, the jet stream and all.

theyellowwallpaper said...

I with you as well on the laundry bit...It truly is my bane.

Admittedly, I don't have any Michael Jackson in my ITunes, but I do have way too much Sting. Does that count?

WordsRock said...

I'll just sit back and do my little happy dance because I live with the Laundry Fairy. Sorry, she's not for sale. Or for rent. :)

As for hypocrisy making your blood boil, well, you are not alone. Not alone at all.