Thursday, February 13, 2014


-You would never think of a soap as being creepy, but Trader Joe's has managed this seemingly impossible feat.  You see, I love soap, the fancier the better, and the more "stuff" it has in it (e.g. exfoliating agents and such) the more I like it. 

However, the lavender exfoliating soap from Trader Joe's gives me the heebie jeebies because as you are lathering up, clumps of what I assume to be lavender leaves fall out all over you and your bathtub.  They are not pretty, these clumps.  They are blackish and look vaguely like bugs, especially in low lighting.  So there you are happily getting clean, and then you look down at your thigh to see it covered with black insect-like things and it just isn't a good feeling. 

But, Hubba-hubba likes it, so there you go.  At least it won't be going to waste.

- I loathe the terms "preggo" and "preggers."  They are stupid.  They are almost infantilizing in a way, and I find them demeaning.  Not that being pregnant is some sort of earth-shatteringly special thing, but it's a hard job, ya know?

- My son is now at the age where talking on the phone is a thing, and while I'm fine with it, I just wish he would stay in his room!  In 5th grade, there are no secrets I want to hear.  Talk within my earshot at 15 and it will be a completely different story.  And no, he does not have a cell phone.

- Which brings me back to the days of the corded telephones, where you would stretch that damn cord to within an inch of it's life as you huddled on the other side of the kitchen counter just to give yourself the illusion of privacy. It was not unheard of for the cord to pop out of the jack now and then.

- My son is also running some sort of shady business on Minecraft. Not that it is a "real" business, but if he would only put that kind of effort into his schoolwork he would already be taking college courses.

- I still can't find a job, although I've only applied for three positions.  It's just that I'm not used to rejection. (sniff)  I'm convinced that at this point in time, you can only get hired if you know someone to recommend you personally.  

-My two favorite pair of warm weather pants bit the dust. One of them got bleach splashed on them, and the other finally got holes in the thighs.  They were the same type of pant, just in different colors, and I bought them at exactly the same time. They were a cotton/linen blend and they were SO PERFECT for warmer weather without needing to wear shorts. Especially for events that required a bit of decorum, but it was still sort of hot.   I don't think I will find their likes ever again, as they lasted me about ten years.  The company that made them doesn't make that type of pant any more. Booooooo...


Awesome Mom said...

I have a soap like that> I got it from a craft fair and the chunks were not on top at all so I didn't realize that they were there. I use it for the bathroom sink so it took a bit for the nasty chunks buried in the middle to come to light. I dig them out when I see them because ugh.

Anvilcloud said...

You are very young if you remember pulling phone cords out of jacks. In my day, they were all hardwired.

Does that make you feel better?

J at said...

Your grouse on preggo made me think of my own pet peeve, which is when couples say, "We're pregnant". I'm sorry, but men are not pregnant. "We're expecting", or "We're having a baby" even, I can take those. But "We're pregnant" is just wrong.

Good luck finding work. I absolutely HATE looking for work. It's so humiliating. Blech.

Nance said...

Even worse than preggers to me is the term "baby bump." I so loathe this.

Second would be the way some of my students would mangle the spelling of "pregnant." PREGNATE was the most cringe-worthy one.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

the soap sounds creepy and the pants awesome.

Pity they can't discontinue the soap and make more of the pants!