Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hello, It's Totally Me You're Looking For...

And man, I have to say I HATED that song by Lionel Ritchie.  I would screech (being in high school and all) dramatically and change the radio station whenever that song came on.  Because that was the kind of tough shit world we lived in back then when there was no instant access 24/7 to only your favorite music.  Seriously, that should be my generation's "uphill in the snow both ways."

Yesterday my health provider (which is one of the largest in the country, (rhymes with Baiser Kermenente) sends me a big brochure asking me to participate in a genetics study which would require the banking of my genetic makeup via saliva and blood samples.  If not specifically stated by me in a legal manner, they could continue to use my genetic material in perpetuity.  I get nothing other than the touchy-feely helping your fellow man thing.  I'm tempted because I am a strong believer in research, yet, on another level, my lizard brain is warning me against someone else having something of mine that is so powerful.

Speaking of health care, the other day I stumbled across this recent research done by University of California, San Francisco.  It is groundbreaking in that for the first time, there is definitive proof that children with my daughter's disorder are neurologically "different."  I emailed both principal investigators thanking them for focusing on this area of research, and one of them invited us to participate in a future study! However, a little thing such as 800 miles separates us, which is much too far.  I would have loved to do it, though.  You know, that whole research thing I believe in, and all.  Huh, maybe I could write the trip off on our taxes, or something.

We were late to the party in watching Food, Inc, and it inspired us to visit our local farmer's market the next day to purchase some fresh grass-fed beef.  We also bought some fancy-schmancy buns to go along with them at the same market, and some other stuff to go with it.  We joke that those were our $50 dollar hamburgers, because that is almost what we spent on the entire meal for three of us.  The lady kept telling us that grass-fed beef was more filling and that it tasted different, but I got zero results on both of those counts. 

Our daughter's Occupational Therapist for her feeding issues (she has two different OT's) observed her gagging on some pudding, and suggested that we ask for a referral for an upper GI specialist, as she is of the opinion that the gagging went beyond the normal sensory issues.  So, the health saga never seems to end for this poor child.  I fear for the examination they are going to give her, as she has an extremely hair-trigger gag reflex.

Also, in my 42 years of living here in Southern California, I can never remember needing to turn on the damn air conditioning in January.  The problem is the winds are so severe, you can't keep your windows open even at night to cool off.  Too much dust and crap in the air blowing into your house! Not that it is particularly cool at night, but at least it isn't 86 freaking degrees, which is what the temperature was today.  Jesus, I want to throttle anyone who is in denial about climate change, seriously.

So, what's new with you? Tell me!


Anvilcloud said...

Nothing much new here. We are heading back to temps below freezing after a 4 day thaw. Or was it 3 days and our 4th best January thaw?

Nance said...

Your whole first paragraph is a wonderful blogpost in itself. Can I steal it as inspiration if I give you credit and a link?

Gina said...

@AC- This snow thing you keep talking about confounds me.

@Nance- Take it away, my friend! You will be ten times more eloquent and put me to shame, but that's OK!

Awesome Mom said...

You should come visit me and participate in the study at the same time!

Right now I am trying to not freak out that we don't know where we will be moving this summer.

J at said...

I find myself saying that back in the day, you had to watch a TV when it was on, or miss it. You had a second chance during summer repeats, but that's it. Then we got the VCR player, which changed everything.

I've had the same experience with the grass fed beef. I'm all for it in theory, but I can't afford it. My favorite milk company (Organic Valley) has grass fed milk, and I don't care for that. They don't homogenize it, so it has lumps of milk fat in it. Gross. They say you shake it and it's mixed, but not true in my book.

I hope the information from UCSF proves helpful in some way.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

Next week we are gearing up for another heatwave. Not as bad as last weeks 42-45C for five freaking days but bad enough.

Global warming deniers need to come to my place, I have a few words for them.

Ted said...

You know, as a fellow Californian -- albeit a NorCal guy -- I'm with you on the weather. Sure, we've had droughts before, but this year's wacky weather really takes the cake for climate change.

Gina said...

@awesome mom- Ha, that would be fun!

@J- Oh yes, the VCR was a complete game-changer. As far as the UCSF study, many people think that SPD is something that is sort of made up, or not a "real" disorder. Showing the brain differences, to me, helps legitimize the disorder.

@Kelley- I have read so many things about how Australia is suffering greatly due to climate change. :(

@Ted- We are back into 84 degree weather here!