Monday, December 09, 2013

Stormy Weather

By that, I mean wind storm.  In our particular location, we are having gusts up to 50mph, and those are doozies, my friends.  Thank goodness we took the lawn decorations down because of the rain on Saturday, else they would all be blowing down the street!

I am, as always, running late with the Christmas cards, although this year in deference to some new Jewish friends, they are simply holiday cards.  Which I actually like better because I am kind of getting sick of Christmas.  Even though I have a young child and I should be totally gung-ho about it for her, I just can't bring myself to make that much of a fuss. 

How was your Thanksgiving?  Mine was great, except Hubba-hubba had to work from 4pm to 2am.  Thanks, fucking stores who decided to open at 8pm on Thanksgiving! But it was pretty low stress as we went out to lunch at a restaurant instead of visiting the crazy/hostility on both sides of our families.  And hell, some of that hostility is on my side, so it was kind of nice to relax and have someone else take my order, a person who has ZERO agenda other than to serve me my food and get a good tip.

We are looking to start therapeutic horse riding for the girl, which I have heard wonderful things about for children with SPD.  Many thanks to my grandparents who are willing to foot the (very expensive) bill which is of course not covered by insurance.

I have started the beginnings of a Christmas Eve rebellion with my family, and we will see how it goes.  My mother and my sister will probably bitch about it behind my back (surprise!) but I truly don't care if they show up here or not.  They are welcome to spend time with the kids, but I have put the kibosh on opening the adult presents here.  They can find some other time to do them, as the majority are from my sister to my mother, and vice versa, anyway.

I'm still looking for a job, and the Mouse down the street was kind enough to send me yet another email stating how I wasn't fitting into any of their openings right now.  How nice of them to remind me. 

My husband keeps buying me sweet/fattening things to eat and I swear I am going to kill him.  If it isn't in the house, I won't eat it.  But once it gets here, I pretty much have zero willpower.  Especially at night when the kids are in bed and Hubba-hubba is at work.  If nobody sees me eat it, I didn't eat it, right?


Anvilcloud said...

Sounds like you are/will handle the hols pretty well. There is some of that horse riding therapy going on in this area, but I don't really know anything about it aside from the fact that it exists. All the best.

marvel said...

My husband spent the day before Thanksgiving puking. It was a good thing we hadn't made any plans with other people, because we would have had to cancel them.

My side of the family no longer exchanges presents amongst the adult siblings -- we just give gifts to the horde of offspring we've all managed to produce, and small offerings to the patriarch and matriarch of the clan, which are often thinly-disguised things-to-do with the horde.

I've also heard that if you break/cut a dessert in half, the calories fall out and don't count. :)

And I'm sorry, but is the Captcha REALLY "artyHos?" Seriously?

Nance said...

Hey, you know how strongly I advocate making the holidays make sense for you and your family. But don't make them joyless. Sounds like you're tired and overwhelmed and ready to collapse. You have a lot on your shoulders right now, and the holidays are like taking on another job, one with no pay. I think your idea of streamlining, having a simplified Christmas at home centered upon your kids is a great one. Take care of yourself! (Somehow)