Sunday, October 06, 2013

Good Lord, Five Weeks?

If you had asked me how long it had been since I posted something on here, I would never have guessed it was five weeks ago. 

Not that I have been doing anything supremely productive with my time, same crap different day type of stuff.

During my unintentional hiatus, I attended a party.  A party thrown by experienced party-throwers, who had a kitchen to die for which includes a sink with a faucet that turns on with foot pedals underneath the cabinet (like hospital sinks) and said faucet that has LED lights inside of it.  Not to mention a six burner Viking range and a dining room table that comfortably fits twelve.

Anyhoo, my kitchen envy is not the point here. 

As the party was winding down, I was speaking with a fellow party attendee who I consider an acquaintance. The hostess was walking around to the different conversational clusters and asking if anyone would like coffee or tea.

At first I answered in the affirmative for the tea, but then the host clarified that it was peppermint tea, if that was acceptable.  I actually hate hot peppermint tea, so changed my answer to no a simple thank you and she moved on.

Then the person I was speaking with confided that she wasn't a big fan of peppermint tea either, but said yes because she didn't want to offend her host.

I was taken aback for a moment, and I had to ponder if I had actually been rude to my host by refusing the tea.

I know that when I host parties, I would never want my guests to eat or drink something they didn't like just to please me.

But then I can sort of see the other side of it as well.

But then I thought I wasn't refusing a dinner entrée in front of everyone, but just a drink.  So it didn't seem like I was in the wrong.

But then I started second guessing myself.

So what say you?  Is it rude to refuse something offered by your host even if you dislike it?


Awesome Mom said...

If it was a main part of the meal I would at least give it a try and take a small portion but refusing a drink would not be a big deal I would think. I mean it is just some hot water with leaves in it, not a five course dinner that took hours to prepare.

Nance said...

Oh, heck no! I'm with you. Especially since the hostess specified after you accepted that it was peppermint tea. She did that in order for you to have the chance to refuse if it was something you didn't care for.

Actually, I'm surprised she didn't offer regular tea also. A lot of people don't care for mint tea, me included. Makes me feel like I'm drinking mouthwash.

J at said...

No way, you're fine. Some people are afraid to offend people to the point where they'll eat or drink something they don't like or want. That's not something a good host would want.

Speaking of fancy kitchens, we were in Portland recently, and Ted was in a kitchen with an ever so very slanted floor, and on the bottom of the slant was a drain. You can sweep your crap there easily, or mop, or throw water on the floor, and it gets captured. Pretty amazing.

J at said...

Ever so SLIGHTLY tilted floor. Like you wouldn't even notice it. That's what I meant.

Liz said...

I have some food allergies (live in Maryland, allergic to crab, shrimp et al) so I spend a lot of time questioning ingredients in cold salads, egg rolls, soups. I am beyond second guessing because sometimes people just get to say no, for whatever reason. After all, she did give you the option.

Anvilcloud said...

Don't give it another thought.

marvel said...

Honestly, your hostess was probably relieved she didn't have to carry another cup of scalding fluid out from the kitchen.

Politely declining a polite offer is not rude. It is polite. Telling another guest that what one just did might be rude is, um, rude.

Seana said...

No, she asked if you wanted any and you replied in the negative. If she had wanted/expected everyone to drink, she wouldn't have asked. You are totally cool.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

that is just silly. She was probably thankful she had one less drink to make.

Trust your instincts, you are fabulous.