Friday, August 30, 2013

This and That

- I know, I KNOW the brick is just a brick, but sometimes I just like to have some fun when I'm writing something.  I guess that's bad, because I'm sorry that anyone thought that I was worried about a stolen brick.

- Although, anything could happen, amirite?

-The weather here is insanely tropical, it is 10PM and 82 degrees outside with the humidity at 60%.  That is WRONG in so many ways.  I got out of the car to pick up Babygirl today and the sun was actually painful on my arms.

- It seems today I am enamored of ALL CAPS.  I DON'T KNOW WHY.

-Babygirl just got referred to another Occupational Therapist for what is termed "Feeding Therapy" because girlfriend has food issues.  Apparently she will not tolerate mixed textures and anything "wet" that isn't a liquid.  Such as watermelon.  She hates watermelon, which is just sort of sad.  So it goes well beyond your normal toddler pickiness.  Sigh.  Yet another therapy appointment to drive to.  Let me add it to the calendar, which would make FOUR separate therapy sessions per week aside from her preschool special ed.

- Mommy does a lot of driving.  Mommy's minivan is currently riding on fumes because it was too damn hot to get gas today.

- Mr. P's enrichment program just concluded a documentary film class, and he chose to interview his 96 year old great-grandfather about his WWII experiences.  I think it was great to get that on film, even if my grandfather couldn't remember everything. The teacher of the class was one of the great minds behind this Oscar-winning film, and I watched it for the first time not too long ago on Netflix and it is excellent.

-Hubba-hubba is currently on a "Sugar is Poison" campaign around the house because he is most likely pre-diabetic and cutting out a lot of sugar has helped him feel better.  Which hey, I'm glad for you, but don't be touching my Ben & Jerry's, eh?  Seriously though, I can make it all day long with no sugar at all (I don't even add sugar to the black tea I suck down all day) but then at night the sugar sends out a sweet siren call that I find hard to resist.

- Recently there was a family birthday party that was held for both my grandfather and my mother, because their birthdays are consecutive days in August.  If it had been only for my mother, I probably would not have attended.  But, because it was also for Pap-Pap, we all traipsed forty five minutes away for a party that was held late in the afternoon, even though my sister is well aware that we need to leave at 5pm at the latest because hi, I have a child with special needs who has a very strict bedtime.  But my mother and sister don't really care about stuff like that, and we went even though we drove a total almost two hours to be there for two hours, and we did not even get to eat dinner because it was being served at 5:30.  Anyhoo, we did leave Mr. P because his best friend lives right across the street from my sister, and he was going to spend the night with my parents because he was doing something with my Dad the next day.  As soon as we left, my mother and sister started to grill my son on if he had all of his times tables memorized and were actually going to PUT HIM ON THE COMPUTER to take a test on it so they could satisfy themselves that I am a shitty teacher or something.  Good lord, way to rack up the warm and fuzzy memories for my son, ladies.

-Finally, I need to explain that I am a person who isn't really a rap fan.  Oh sure I love the Beastie Boys and some other mostly West Coast rap acts, but I'm not crazy about all the cussing and bragging and misogyny that tends to populate a lot of current rap.  But, color me a big hypocrite because I LOVE this song.  It is a song with a ton of curse words.  Totally not safe for kids, or those with sensitive ears.  But dayum, I can't get this out of my head and it isn't really like any other rap song I've heard with the melodic hook.  But then again, I know next to nothing about rap, just that I am listening to this song on a constant loop.


J at said...

You got a snazzy new look to your blog, congratulations!

Frustrating when family doesn't understand (or care) about bedtimes and such. But since they don't have to be there to see the mess she likely is the next day when her evening routine is disrupted, they don't care.

Feeding therapy? Sigh. I feel for you all. Impressive how much work you put in, though, because I suspect early intervention, as you are doing, is the key to a more normal life. Good for you.

Anvilcloud said...

Fun post. I haven't done a listy for a long time. Mind you, I haven't zactly been fanning the blogger flames at all.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

you love cussing. You love ME don't you?

Or is it you just like cussing with an Aussie accent?

Your family... *sigh* additional needs kids make people show their true colours. xx

Awesome Mom said...

I love the new look!

Therapy sucks but hopefully she will gain the skills she needs to cope and move through her feeding issues so you can eventually drop it from your massive list of things to to. I am seriously considering having my youngest son evaluated for his eating issues. He is crazy picky and barely eats and is small for his age.

marvel said...

Someday people will look back on our current public schools and wonder why in the world we thought locking children into rigid, standardized formats was the "best" way to educate children. I think there is some decent evidence out now that homeschooled children do better in general, so you go, girl!

Ted said...

Dang! That's a LOT going on in your life right now. I can see why you would have that song on a constant loop.

Gina said...

@J- Thanks! It really is just a blogger template, but I thought I would change things up a bit.

Yeah, my family has never really cared about the needs of my kids. Sad.

@AC- No worries, you and I have been blogging for far too long to worry about a lapse here and there!

@MBT- Well, I don't know that I LOVE cussing, but it certainly doesn't offend me all that much. But I do love YOU. As for my family, meh, I've begun not to care about them either. I also love the term "additional needs."
I think I may steal it.

@AM- Thanks! If you feel something is off, then you should definitely get him checked out! At the worst, they could possibly give you some helpful tips.

@marvel- Why thank you, The customization of his curriculum is invaluable.

@Ted- Truly, it is exhausting! And yes, I do use it as sort of a battle cry.

Atasha said...

I am so glad to have come across your blog again. Very late congrats on the addition to the family. I browsed through many posts on your blog to catch up with your goings-on :)