Wednesday, July 10, 2013


- Just three more days before Mr. P attends a weeklong "camp" with his gifted group.  Yeah, a camp that involves staying in a nice hotel and eating dinners at restaurants.  But yay for surfing classes!

-50 is the number of the highly rated (and freaking expensive) SPF lotion that I bought for him, as he is very picky about sunscreen and how it feels on his skin.  However, getting a sunburn would completely ruin his entire trip, so in my mind if he uses it faithfully, it is well worth the investment.

-Just five days until Babygirl gets her CT scan, which I am currently in negotiations with the radiologist/anesthesiologist to not open an IV line on her.  At least, not right off the bat, with an hour and a half to go before she actually goes under.  Why can't they do it after she is under?  Because I positively guarantee that she will attempt to rip that thing out.

- I have found myself purchasing unforeseen amounts of Axe products for my son, who is currently wanting to "smell good" just "as an experiment, Mom." Yes, just an experiment.  However, any attempts from a preteen to bathe/use cleaning products on themselves should be rewarded amply.

- For some strange reason, I only have 23 songs on my music player on my smartphone.  For someone that loves music as much as I do, that just seems wrong.

-Zero dollars is what I have made on Mechanical Turk.  I read about and thought, well, what the hell else am I doing at night when Hubba-hubba is at work and the kids are in bed? But some of the crap on there is so low-paying it is redonkulous.  I tried to take some kind of survey where they said I needed to perform this specific task, and it kept telling me that I wasn't doing it right, and I was INDEED DOING IT RIGHT and so I said forget it and clicked off.  Sigh. But we need money, so maybe when I'm a bit more patient I will try again.


Anvilcloud said...

Today we complete two weeks of babysitting. There's been lots of pool time. It's been fun, but the break will be appreciated.

Nance said...

For some reason, I have some doubles of some songs on my iPhone. And when some songs come up, I find myself thinking, "Why is THIS song on here? I don't really like it."

What I really want to do is add Hanson's "Mmm Bop." No lie. It's peppy, and sometimes I just need peppy.

marvel said...

So sorry I thought I posted earlier but I must've hit wrong button. Anyway, if I did math right BabyGirl had CT yesterday (or maybe today?) and am hoping the procedure went smoothly and that the findings were helpful for moving forward. Take care.