Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Age of Unreasonableness

You know, there are some days where you just look at yourself and think, "Parental failure, right here."

Tonight is one of those nights.

My son, who is not necessarily the nicest person in the world to other children, got in a fight with a girl down the street.  Who allegedly pushed him off his bike and scraped his leg pretty good.  He was practically spitting with fury when he came inside, and I asked him why it was always him who was fighting with everyone.  Which of course, made him even more angry.

He has this sense of the world that is so black and white, so "us" versus "them" and I don't know how to shake him out of that mentality. He is coming up on 11, which is supposed to be the age of reason, but it's also the age of raging hormones, so we'll see how that goes.  He also has a superiority complex, and goes around infuriating and humiliating other children by using words they don't know.  Which, you know, good way to make friends. 


He threw a fit because I asked him to weed part of the front planter.  Oh. My. God.  Worst parent ever.

The other day he was talking to me about puberty, which he seems anxious about happening to him.  He thinks a neighbor down the street is already hitting it, even though he is one year younger than Mr. P.  And of course I told him that everyone hits it at a different time, and his time will most certainly come.

So yeah, I feel bad about his anxiousness, even though I got him an awesome book and told him he could always talk to his father or me about anything he wanted. 

Eh, it's just one of those days where it feels like it's all piling up.

I think I just might go to bed now. God knows I could use the sleep.

Oh, we have an appointment with a surgeon on Monday to discuss what to do with the medically-defined "lesion" on my daughter's ear, which doubled in size in a week. 

God help me if she has to be put to sleep for whatever they decide to do with her.

Maybe I should just re-title this post "AAAAAAAaaaaaaaarghhhh."

Yeah, that sounds much more accurate.


Anvilcloud said...

No worries with your son. Last night my daughter reported on a study which said that men reach emotional maturity at age 43. So, just a little longer to wait. :)

Awesome Mom said...

My sympathies. It is hard to have a socially awkward kid of any age. Growing up is not easy.

Nance said...

Sigh. Makes you wonder why you ever decided to have kids. (Why did we, though, really?) LOL.

marvel said...

Your poor kids. All children have their challenges, but yours have such different needs! Is your son still able to participate in activities for the super-smart? He needs to spend more time with kids who know all his big words and are not intimidated. Also, some high-energy, preferably team, sport in which to channel his competitive spirit--does he still play volleyball? Some things you can't change, only harness to a higher purpose.

Gina said...

@AC- Oh good, his dad should be hitting it next year. That's something, anyway.

@AM- You know, it really isn't. I am trying to remember some of the more difficult times I had so that I can be more empathetic with him.

@Nance- No, really, WHY DID I?

@marvel- Yes, he is still in the group, thank goodness. They are doing lots of activities this summer and he is super excited. However, the problem is that everyone lives pretty far away from each other, and so mainly only see each other at the planned events. He does still play volleyball, although I need to find him another place to play other than the city league!