Thursday, June 20, 2013

It Never Ends With This One, It Would Seem

So what started out as a simple lesion has turned into what will be a CT scan under general anesthetic, and then surgery, of course, under general anesthetic.


If I thought I was stressed out before, apparently I had no idea how bad it could get.

And even though there are many parents out there with much tougher challenges, I am going to throw myself a brief pity party on this here blog.  You see, being mine, it makes it ever so much easier to whine.

The hospital is calling it a lesion, but upon further study of the actual definition of a lesion, I am unsure.  There seem to be many different types of lesions, and this one, I think, falls under the umbrella of "tumor" although I think they absolutely do not want to use that term.  I am not saying that is it cancer or anything, because tumor does not always equal cancer.  Well, I guess that still qualifies as a lesion, although I was given to understand that a lesion occurs with an injury of some kind, and there was no injury in this case.

The CT scan, scheduled for mid-July, should hopefully tell the surgeon what he needs to know about how far it extends and if there are any skull abnormalities.  They are all sort confused about the placement of the lesion and have said it is a very unusual location for one, which is not particularly comforting.

I think they are concerned that it doubled in size so quickly, and they are also afraid of it becoming  abscessed. Hubba-hubba and I asked the surgeon if there was any advantage to waiting longer (we were thinking behaviorally-wise for her that she would be a more cooperative patient) and he said no, it was better to do it when she was smaller and more easily controlled.


So no easy-going summer over here.  Summer is gonna suck.  At least my son is going to be attending some very awesome camps so that I can sit at home and be glum without him worrying about it.

I'm sure there's a silver lining in this situation somewhere, I'm just having a hard time locating it thus far.


Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

oh babe. Sending all of my love and strength your way.


Anvilcloud said...

Oh dear. Warm thoughts to you guys.

Nance said...

Crap. Wish I could help. Fingers crossed here.

Awesome Mom said...

((hugs)) I hope everything goes smoothly! It is scary any time your kids has to have procedures especially ones with general.

Ted said...

Wow! Shocked...just shocked by this news. Hoping for the best on this for you, Gina.

J at said...

Scary! I hope all is OK and she's all better VERY soon.

marvel said...

Ah, "lesion" is one of those poorly-defined terms that means roughly "that thing, there, that we don't know what it is, but it doesn't look like it should be there." Which, as you note, is unhelpful in determining 1) where it came from or 2) what to do about it. It could be a cyst, or a hemangioma, or an unusual infection of some kind, or several other things that they won't know until they figure out how to get a piece of it. Hopefully they can schedule the CT scan quickly, to minimize the waiting period.

Not sure there is a silver lining. Would not waste energy looking.

Seana said...

Hang in there. It sounds very tough, but try to take it one day at a time so it's not so overwhelming. Sending good vibes your way.

Gina said...

Thanks to all! It is amazing how vulnerable I feel she is, even though of course modern medicine is pretty much the bomb.

I'm doing better now that I've digested everything and had time to calm down!