Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All Eyes On Him

I'm doing much better now, thanks!  I've had time to research things and ask more questions and I feel that we are doing the right thing in removing "the thing" even though my motherly instincts automatically object to someone slicing my into daughter's skull with a knife!

I didn't even tell you that the day after we met with the surgeon and scheduled the surgery, my daughter fell from her tree swing and needed four staples in her head.  I was at lunch with a friend when I get a frantic call from my son asking if I am on the way home.  I am not.  So my husband grabs the phone and says, meet me at the ER, she cut her head badly.

Oh the blood!  I know that head wounds bleed profusely, but there really is nothing to prepare you for seeing your child's clothing almost completely soaked in blood, as well as most of her hair.  Poor baby, luckily the staff saw all the blood and let us in immediately, without doing all that check-in routine. 

All I can say is that I'm glad it wasn't on my watch.  My husband is a first responder, so it was probably a good thing that he was the one to handle it.  I mean, I don't think I would have done horribly, but I'm sure I would have freaked out a bit more than the situation would have needed.

But, something happened to my husband yesterday that gave me the biggest laugh I have had in a very long time, and I feel the need to share it with you.  Hopefully I can convey it well enough and it doesn't turn into a "Well, you had to be there" type of thing.

He had gone to the post office and to Costco by himself.  He came back and I was in the living room with the kids and watched him (not in a stalkerish way) as he walked down the hallway to our bedroom.

I saw something circular and bright yellow on the back of his shorts, and I called out to him that he had something on his butt.  Turns out that somehow he had gotten one of our daughter's stickers on his shorts.  And the sticker just to happened to be a large pair of yellow googly eyes.

He pulled it off, looked at it, and he said, "Damn, and here I thought all the chicks were checking me out because I have such a great ass."

OK, yeah, maybe you had to be there.


Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

bwaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaa! I would call him google butt from now on.

Moo cut her head open when she was a year old. TINY little cut that needed some glue, but the blood soaked both of us by the time I got to the hospital.


Anvilcloud said...

Life is never dull for you, and some good hubby humour.

Nance said...

But...does he have a good ass, too? Enquiring minds....

At least he didn't have a black lacy bra stuck to his shorts. Yes, that happened to my husband once. Static from the dryer.

You guys are way overdue for some serenity over there. Here's hoping!

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

Kids. They'll plain scare you to death. We had a finger cut that bled for two hours. I was starting to get panicky. The mister was like lah lah no big, just a flesh wound. No stitches, but they did need to cut some flesh off. I did not go to that appointment.

Ted said...

Wow! I just hope after all this is over (i.e., recovering from the fall and the surgery), that you, HH, and the kids have a decades where nothing bad happens in the health department. More butt stickers and fewer accidents should be the motto from now on.

Gina said...

@Kelley- Well, I can't bring myself to call him that because, well, see my answer to Nance below.

@AC- I suppose that is one way to look at it, that my life certainly has no lack of events happening!

@Nance- My dear, I could actually write an entire post on my husband's ass. It is fantastic, admired by straight and gay alike. Once, while we were dating, oh those twenty or so years ago, I was on the phone with him and some girls he knew did a drive-by on his house and shouted "Hubba-hubba has a nice ass!" And they were right.

And oh my god, I feel for your husband!

@Christa- I would not have gone either! At least as long as someone else was willing to go instead!

Ted- I need to adopt that motto this very minute!