Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Because I just don't have enough for longform.

On Saturday I ran into the woman who was my first boss.  She gave me a hug and said, "Oh, you were always one of my favorites!"  And indeed I was, as she also was the person to give me my first promotion.  She told me, twice, that when I was ready to work part time to call her and she would hire me on the spot.  I guess that doesn't say much for the current crop of people working for her.

My daughter managed, about two hours before we left for my sister's house (long story there, I guess) for Easter, to give herself a huge cut right underneath her nose.  I'm talking about an inch and a half long and half an inch wide.  She found out the hard way that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, courtesy of a bucket handle.  Hmmm, probably long story there, too.

A neighbor a few houses down from us has a large cross that fits around their doorbell.  I find this intriguing.  I would never have thought to put a cross there in the first place, but I also wonder that they feel it is so very important to let EVERYONE know that they are Christian? I mean, you can easily see this thing from across the street.  Is it like, if you aren't Christian, then don't bother ringing the bell?  Or maybe they are really afraid of vampires.

I am trying in vain to find a good, fairly inexpensive pair of black slides.  You know, shoes.  Kind of like the black sports slides that Adidas makes, but I hate wearing logos, so the Adidas ones are out.

My niece, who I admittedly am not all that close with as she lives about two hours away, was not accepted to any of her local colleges of choice, but was accepted to one in Arizona.  I believe she was offered a partial scholarship.  However, her mother will not let her go.  Then why the hell did you even allow her to apply if you had zero intention of her going there?  The sad part is she had a 4.2 GPA and TONS of extracurriculars, but it still wasn't enough to get her into the Cal States, apparently.

I think I am a badass driving my minivan now because I finally was able to get my Jack Skellington license plate frame on it.  Suck it all you ladies with your "family" stickers!


Anvilcloud said...

Such a doorbell makes me rather cross.

marvel said...

I am sorry for your niece's quandary; rejection is hard to take. But college these days isn't all it used to be, and if she's able to take 2 years of classes at a local community college and then transfer, she may ultimately be better off (especially financially). Or better yet, work for a year or two, so that when she does go to school, she'll know what she wants to do with it. (If she knows already, she should see if see can get summer work experience and/or some kind of related job/volunteer service. It might not help with the admissions process, but maybe help her focus her studies in the future.)

And I hope your daughter is okay. Stitches required?

Ted said...

Wow! That gash your daughter got on Easter sounds pretty horrible. No stitches required, though -- or so it seems. So, THAT'S good.

Someone with a 4.2 GPA can't get into a CSU? That's probably due to that fact that the combination of budget cuts, lay offs, and shrinking class offerings are happening at the same time more and more people are applying there. There used to be "impacted majors." Now there are "impacted schools."

Nance said...

Wow. A cross on the doorbell? I have a sign on my doorbell that says, "Doorbell out of order."

(Gina. NO ONE can pull off "badass" in a minivan.)

Gina said...
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Gina said...

@Ted and marvel- Nope, no stitches. Although in retrospect, it is more of a deep scrape than a cut. Semantics?

And, I think I should be congratulated that so far this child has not broken any bones, and has only gotten scrapes and bruises so far.

@Nance- You have never met me, have you Nance? ;)

marvel said...

P.S. Just saw this link, maybe would be helpful for your niece: