Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey There Ho There

Small doses today.

-I don't know what minor, easily-annoyed god I have angered, but man, we cannot stop getting sick over here.  Poor baby girl went to the ER last Tuesday because the advice nurse didn't like the sound of her four days of high fever, vomiting, and facial rash.  There's a meningococcal outbreak warning in these here parts, and I KNOW that's what she thought it was, because it had crossed my mind as well.  So, instead of making a possibly large mistake by not taking her, we made only a small mistake in taking her, as all she apparently had was a virus.

Which of course, she promptly gave to the rest of us.

- I find it very strange that two of the most violent children who live in our area have been girls.  Should I find it strange?  I mean physically violent and making threats like, "I'm going to kill you" and things like that.  Has happened to my son more than once, which is disturbing no matter who does it to him.

- I was THAT mom and told my son's volleyball coach that I straight out disagreed with a tactic they were using on serve return.  I told him I felt the kids weren't old enough to judge which serves they should set (which even TYPING those words fills me with rage) as more and more of them are serving overhand.  And trying to set a ball that has been served overhand will just result in injury.  What are these people thinking?  As they progress to the upper levels, NOBODY will be serving underhand, which means NOBODY will be setting off a serve, which means why the hell should they be doing it now?  Sorry if that makes not a lot of sense to people, but it just made me so angry that they weren't taking the time to teach the kids how to properly pass the damn ball, which is the cornerstone of good volleyball.

I think I convinced him I was right.

- My daughter's IEP was just changed so that she will be attending the Special Education version of summer school.  Almost four hours a day of free preschool in the summer!  I am fainting with happiness.  Although as my husband stated today, there is definitely a price that has been paid with our daughter, it just wasn't money.  More like sanity, maybe.

-  That makes me sound like a bad mom, doesn't it?  Well, I guess it's my fault for having a shitty support system.  Well, I didn't think they would be shitty, but they certainly turned out that way.

- Do you know that my sister has probably been one on one with my daughter for less than ten hours of her entire three and half year life?  And that she only lives forty minutes away?  And that she is a teacher, so obviously kids are OK with her?  If she thinks she is going to waltz in and start hanging out with her when she is older and more "normal" she can kiss my ass.

- I just downloaded a Green Day song for my son, because I have some free Amazon MP3 credits, and I was thinking that perhaps I should key him in to some "pretty" songs instead of all the angst-filled punk and rock he's got.  I mean, angst is fine but I think I should temper it with something different. I'm thinking "Linger" by the Cranberries.  I mean, the kid falls asleep to Enya, so it isn't as if he has something against those types of songs.  But Linger is pretty without being quite as wimpy as Enya.  Don't get me wrong, I like Enya!  Anybody?

- Does anyone ever look at their kid and think, man, I named this child all wrong.  I think I did that with my daughter.  But her current name is not the one I wanted, which I think would have fit her much better.  I blame the husband, of course, who hated all the names I liked but failed to come up with any alternatives.  Of course.


Anvilcloud said...

Nice doses. I take it that you have a volleyball past?

Gina said...

@AC- Oh yes! I played for probably ten years, including clube and varsity high school. Went on to coach for another five years, including at the junior college level.

So yeeah, I've got a little more experience than the 20 year old recreation dude who is coaching becauuse there was nobody else.

Nance said...

Oh, the Name Thing. Sigh. I have hated my name all of my life. All. Of. It.

My mother admitted that she just plain wimped out when she named me Nancy. She had wanted to name me Samantha, but she feared it was too unusual back in 1959. When I was born with a smile on my face, she and my father chose Nancy because of the song "Nancy with the Laughing Face."

I was devastated when she told me this. I am far more suited to the name Samantha. I have gone by Nance for the larger part of my life (rhymes with dance) to avoid my name without changing it.

Now, as far as that poor 20-yr old coach. The key there is that "no one else wanted/could do it." Be nice and be grateful. My kid was the rec basketball coach for years and years and had to put up with bitching parents. Did they help or offer to be the coach? No. They merely showed up and hollered at him.

I'm so sorry you keep getting sick. That sucks. Good for you getting the little one checked out though. "An ounce of prevention...!"

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

My SIL has never met my children - has never even made an effort to connect with them. I haven't made an effort to connect with hers, either, but that's because she treats me like garbage all the time and my husband like garbage more than 50% of the time so I'm afraid to call her phone :(

Gina said...

@Nance- Oh, I certainly wasn't rude about it! I've been here long enough to know that yelling at your kids' coach is going to get you nowhere. I simply explained why I thought what they were teaching them was wrong, in a nice way, and then made sure to end on a high note with telling him that I know it is difficult to coach younger children and that I appreciate what he is doing. It was textbook, really.

@Christa- Ouch! Yeah, my hubby has a couple of relatives like that as well, and it is probably best to just stay away and avoid the drama! Sad in a way, but better in the long run for the kids not to be exposed to such a negative person, IMHO.

Awesome Mom said...

You are not a bad mom for feeling that way just a normal mom.

The boys were named fairly easily because we picked out family names. Although my husband did try and want to change things for #3 on the way to the hospital (!!!) but had not actually you know thought up a different name so we stuck with what we had. For my girl I wanted something different. I combed baby name sites and had this huge long list of possible names. I handed it to my husband and he likes one name off that whole list, one!!! And that is what we named her. Thankfully it fits her but really I would have preferred a few of my other names over the one we picked but Mr. Picky was not having it.

Ted said...

You're really getting your immune system to work overtime, huh. Good to hear that the V-ball coach listened to your suggestions. When I was in junior high, I played a LOT of volleyball. My group of guys thought we were so great that we challenged the girls volleyball team to a match. They agreed...and wiped the floor with us in short order. We'd never played with regulation net, so we were at a disadvantage -- and knew it from the moment we stepped on the court.

Regarding music: The Cranberries are good, but you could also add The Sundays for a similar vibe.

Gina said...

@Awesome Mom- Right? I mean every parent likes a break from their kids now and then. Your husband and mine pulled similar tricks, it seems!

@Ted- Ha! Yes, it's impossible to know exactly how good you are unless the net is at the proper height. Anybody can slam a ball over a six foot net!

marvel said...

What about Everything But the Girl? My EBtG Pandora station kicks out Cranberries every now and again. And Dreams was one of my favorite songs back in early 90s. I always associate it with Natalie Merchant and These Are Days because I listened to both at the same time but they're really not the same at all.

And sometimes I do wish we had named our 2nd child what I wanted (Evelyn Ginevra) but she is currently quite taken with what we ended up with (my husband picked first name and we went with his mother's middle name for her middle name, as first child has my mother's middle name as middle name) so there's that. Plus it wouldn't hurt my feelings if the girls decided to pick different nicknames when they get older, I don't see why anyone should be permanently stuck with the label their parents picked out for them if they don't like it.

marvel said...

P.S. Also I am glad that you like your daughter's preschool enough that the additional summer hours are good news for you, and not a source of angst as it seemed before your daughter started in the program!!

Gina said...

@marvel- I have no good reason for it, but I kind of hate Natalie Merchant! I tend to be really picky about my female singers, and there is something about her voice that rubs me the wrong way!

As for the summer school, I am still as paranoid as I ever was, but I realize that the program is much better for her than staying at home.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

your sister is an arse.

As is anyone in any sort of decision making power with special needs kids (cause only an arse wouldn't be pouring ALL OF THE MONEY into Early Intervention)

And yeah, my second child has the wrong name. She SHOULD have had the name I picked for her and not the one we settled on cause we could agree it didn't suck as much as the ones we separately liked.


Gina said...

@Kelley- She IS an arse, isn't she?

Yes, they have high hopes that by the age of 5 she will be in the "normal" range of speech and behavior, which would be great.

Anonymous said...

Green Day? Have you tried some art-pop instead, like Bat for Lashes, Japan (from the 80's) or Brian Eno?