Monday, March 18, 2013

The School Building is Still Standing...For Now

So today was Ms. P's first day of special education preschool.

It apparently went well.

Although both the teacher and I agree that this might not be the case come next week when she isn't quite as overwhelmed with newness.

I knew that there would pretty much be zero trouble leaving her the initial time, as she will willingly walk with anyone who is talking to her.

Sure enough, the teacher (who is a zygote compared to moi) greeted her by name, and even though Ms. P looked at her like, "How exactly do you know my name?" she was fine with leading the line into class.  Even though she didn't really know what leading the line was at all, and kept stopping to look around.

So I had the same shiver of sadness run through me that I always do when I leave my children with strangers that I need to trust.  But it was tempered by the knowledge that she truly needs this program and she loves other kids and people so much that it will be so much more beneficial than being at home.

I took my son out to lunch to celebrate her first day, as she really had no understanding of the occasion and doesn't eat anyway.  Which was nice, because he doesn't really get a whole lot of alone time with me.

Surprisingly, not one mom came up to me and said hello, even when it was clear that my daughter was a new class member.

Well, it isn't surprising, now that I think about it.  I haven't had a whole lot of luck being friends with other moms, and I guess by this time of year, they are already a bit clique-ish.  Which reminds me of high school, which seems to be where more people than not are still stuck.

Here I thought as moms with children with the same disability, that there would be some sort of cameraderie, but nope.


That's OK, I've got a lot of shit to catch up on in my measly two hours.


Anvilcloud said...

Well, that's a big step.

Ted said...

Wow! lots going on. I'm sure the other moms will be more open as they see you at the school more regularly. The first day at something new is never all that smooth.

Awesome Mom said...

Give it time. Sometimes it takes a while for people to warm up. I have been here for almost three year now and I am only just really getting out of my shell with the other parents.

Liz said...

It must be hard to start something new this far in to the school year. I had to do it all the time when my Dad was transferred and I would have to start a new school in the middle of the year. Hang in there. The new kid (and I am talking about you here) always has to be checked out first.

J at said...

So glad it's going well thus far, and I think a little mother/son lunch time is a wonderful thing.

I've made some good friends through the years at Maya's schools, but never on the first day, and I've usually been the one to say hello first.